Short Hair Don’t Care

I love that hashtag. I really do. I think people get too strung up on women’s hair length, its just so annoying. I can count on one hand the amount of people that think having short hair is JUST AS GREAT as having long hair. It’s hair and its fun! Stop taking it so seriously! I know I had to let go of that attachment most women have towards their hair real fast because mine falls out so much. That is why I got myself a pixie cut about 2 years ago. I hated watching my long tresses were falling out and with it my need to have long hair. With each strand I lost, a single fuck was also lost about society’s view on women with long hair.

I took the plunge and chopped it all off! The most liberating thing I have done as a grown woman. I basked in the new found joy I had because my attachment to vanity in long hair was gone. The obsessive need to  make sure my hair was always on point and looked flawless was lying on the floor of the hair salon. I didn’t feel the weight of societal norms hanging on each thread atop my head. I could think about other things; No longer did I waste time thinking about superficial vanity. I was liberated and I was ready to live my life not tied down by the ponytails that constricted my happiness.

I decided once again to cut my locks, a little longer however, but I still got backlash by those “who care” and suggest I grow it long instead. To those people I’d like to say… HASHTAG SHORT HAIR DON’T CARE!

Short hair don’t care about a worry in world because I live my life the way I want to. Short hair don’t care about what any person thinks of me because I radiate love and acceptance. Short hair don’t care that I looked better with long hair because superficial things don’t define my worth.

I also want to congratulate my beautiful cousin and her recent marriage! My family has officially grown bigger and I couldn’t be happier! I wish you the best in your years together!

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