I have noticed a new trend popping up and I may or may not be late on the bandwagon, but embroidered heels!? Can anyone else say HELLA CUTE!? The star of this look definitely goes to my cute little demi wedges. And the best part, they were only $30!

I found these perfect summer heels at TJ MAXX Home Goods of all places. Went in to get a cat tree, came out with the cutest effing pair of shoes EVER! I literally fan-girled from across the store when I saw these babies! Ryan did a double take thinking I was either having some kind of heart attack or I literally just lost my shit. Which I kinda did.

However, when I bought them a week ago, I had just come back from a work conference and thought it’d be a great idea to wear heels the ENITRE TIME because ya know…professionalism. And I came home with the biggest blisters I have ever had in my life. So as much as I love these heels, just trying them on was excruciating. So I just went out on a limb and just bought them. Flash forward to now, and these were definitely worth the wait, $30 well spent!

Since these were a TJ Maxx find, they are a discontinued style from MIA. but i did find some similar styles here:


Charlotte Russe

Kenneth Cole

Nine West


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