June Favorites

Penny n’ Sheldon

Aka scaredy-cat and moonpie! Our newest additions to our family! Penny and Sheldon is what my work likes to call “Foster Failures” Where you fail to JUST foster the animals and end up keeping them… Yeah we definitely failed this one. But these kitties are the sweetest little fur balls I’ve ever seen. I am definitely not a cat person (till now) and I always disliked that cats were so stand-offish and were known to not like cuddling and petting (like dogs) but when i took home a litter of 4 and got to see their personalities first hand, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single kitten is a sweetheart and wants nothing but cuddles and kisses! We decided to keep the biggest male and the smallest female, and it so happens they are the most “dog like”  which is perfect for me.

I’ve come to suck your BLOOD!

The Vampire Diaries is basically everything Twilight couldn’t do. There is much more depth to the characters and the show as a whole. Not everyone is out to get the main character for no reason… there is some kind of reason but its not”just cuz” like Twilight. I’m still on season 1 and i have a ways to go with this show, but I am really enjoying it as well as Ryan (well he only says that because he has no choice but watch it when I am lol) But overall This show has pretty thought out characters. I really do enjoy it and the eye candy isn’t too bad either lol

Bikini Bod Ready

It’s that time again! That time where little goth moths scream in terror  at the impending seasonal change. A goth moth like myself! I have realized, the older I get, the more I absolutely HATE summer! It’s all fine and dandy when you’re a kid but when your an adult…that shit lasts forever! And when you have shit to do, HAH! try getting errands done in a blistering +100°F day! Summer is when I feel the most sluggish and weak. I just want to sleep all day covered in ice. However since it’s basically unavoidable, it’s also that time to get a new bikini. Now I usually don’t get anything colorful because…black…its the best color ever. But Ryan picked out this cute little number and at first I was skeptical, but to my surprise he actually picked a winner! I came into the fitting room with 5 bikini’s and left it with Ryan’s pick. Point for Ryan!  The colors are cute the cut is cute, I love it…for being colorful I guess. Maybe the only downside, it’s a halter top so my neck gets a little sore after a while. But otherwise it’s a WIN! Find it here: Target Bikini

Mad Max meets BMX

Turbo Kid has got to be a diamond in the rough hen it comes to hidden gems of Netflix! Ryan came across an article “Hidden gems of Netflix” and it lists some really good movies hidden in the cluster fuck that is Netflix streaming. I really hate searching for the perfect movie, so when Ryan told me about a few movies he was interested in watching from that list, we gave it a shot. Turbo Kid was the first one and HOLY APE SHITTING ON A WHALE! This movie is by far the best horror/comedy I have seen since Carrie. (I know Carrie isn’t comedy but its freaking hysterical) The synopsis says its “Mad Max meets BMX” which I can kind of see, but its also futuristic, and fantasy, and gore-porn. It’s so outlandish with the gore it’s perfect! The practical effects are GREATLY appreciated! I hate CGI, and this super low budget makes it freaking work! Please watch this movie if you’re looking for a good laugh!

The Fitness Marshall

Caleb “The Fitness Marshall” is a blessing in camo! I stumbled across his YouTube channel one day and thank god I did! This kid is so amusing to watch and workout with! He makes cardio dance videos to some sassy as hell songs. Think of it as Hip-Hop abs and Just Dance but with Beyoncé back-up dancers. His workout videos are easy to follow and are super fun because who doesn’t like dancing in heels and whipping their hair back and forth?! Sometimes running just gets boring and you need a change in cardio. For the dancer in me, this was a no brainer! If you love dancing to top hits and finding a way to sneak some sweat in your day, The Fitness Marshall is your guy! Check out his YouTube channel here: The Fitness Marshall. Some of my favorite videos are Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Lady Gaga’s Telephone & Alejandro, and Meghan Trainor’s Me Too

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