Crazy Cat Lady wish-list

Yes I am officially a crazy cat lady. I have 3 cats under 3 months and I love every second of it! I am also one of those people that wait for winter in the comfort of an air conditioned supermarket. “Winter is coming” and it will be GLORIOUS!

I put together another wish-list of the perfect goth cat mom outfit PUUUURRRfect for winter.

Kitties love Fishies!

I am loving the fishnet stocking look for upcoming fall/winter season. I mean, I wore these damn things when I was 10 (gotta love 90’s and early 00’s fashion!) BUT we didn’t have fishnet SHIRTS…OH NO! what WE did back in MY day was cut a pair of regular fishnet STOCKINGS INTO a shirt! I’ll have to do a DIY one day of that!!

Fishnet top/briefs

Fishnet socks

Every body wants to be a CAT!

I love this subtle cat sweater. Not like those crazy galaxy ones with flying ninja cats chasing a taco… everyone knows cats don’t like tacos! they like vegan pizza! teehee! And it’s black, so you cant go wrong with THAT! oh yay rhymes!

Black cat jumper

Black distressed jeans

Little bit of color

Ok I had to add sooome color…I guess…not really because black is BOMB. But just to give this look more POP. I really liked the colors in this outfit inspo. Some white adidas look-alikes, a maroon embroidered baseball cap, and some killer yellow sunnies! The sunnies remind me of MY kitties eyes! they once were blue, now they’re green/yellow.

Adidas look-alikes

Baseball cap

Yellow sunnies

More black!

And in case there wasn’t enough black….add MORE BLACK! Like a cute  collar inspired choker necklace and a little black backpack to carry your Black cat pillow for any sudden onset of cat-nap syndrome!

Black backpack

Cat pillow

Choker necklace

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