Business on a Budget

I can’t tell you how many times I have found a really cute blazer and then was totally kidding myself when I thought I’d actually wear it! I’m so bad at this. It’s like the cousin of buyers remorse. It’s those times you buy something with the intention of wearing it like everyday…but the only time you ever put it on was in the fitting room…the day you bought it…2 years ago…

Guilty is me. However, I have come to find this perfect blazer that gives me all the Beetlejuice vibes my heart yearns for. I have worn this blazer once a week since buying it about 2 months ago…from the THRIFT STORE! Yep…it fits me like a goddamn glove!

Now I thought I’d show you 2 “day-to-night” looks with the simple change of a jacket.

For my “day” look, I am wearing the beautiful Beetlejuice blazer with a simple “Mia Wallace” monochromatic blouse and pants. This is my go-to work outfit when I don’t have time to “be creative” with my look. It’s comfortable and professional, but by adding my new favorite blazer, it definitely adds that next level professionalism for being a mere 23 years old. I’d like to mention that the white button up and Dolce Vita oxfords are also thrifted items! Business on a Budget am I right?

And for the “night” look, I decided to just simple switch my blazer with this new Pleather jacket I scored at TJ Maxx! I have been searching for 23 years for that perfect Pleather jacket…and I finally found it! I love how it doesn’t feel like a lightweight cheaply made jacket. It definitely has some weight to it but its so comfortable. I am hoping it gets colder in SoCal so I can wear it on the daily! So, with just a switch of the jacket, I feel like Janelle Monae in her music video for Tightrope. I know she has a full fledge suit on, but its that androgynous party attire that shouts, “I’m here for business and pleasure, but not entirely in that order.” It’s a fun outfit for those women who are tired of having to feel the need to dress up in dress or skirts to party. After my first time in Vegas, the first thing I thought was, “FUCK THIS! I’m wearing pants next time!” SO for those who want to be comfortable but ready to have a good time, I think this night look is for you!

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