Something Wicked This Way Comes

Do I love this shirt? Yes. Do I think it’s funny? Yes. Do I believe in demons? No, unless you count the inner ones.Wig: | Fisherman Cap: Thrifted | Denim Jacket: Thrifted | High Waist Jeans: Fashion Nova | Creepers: Thrifted | Halloween Socks: Target

Wicked Clothes is this freaking awesome clothing company with a dark sense of humor, like me! I actually found this company by one of the Instagram ad’s that show up on my feed. Usually these ad’s are annoying and obviously skipped, however when I saw this:

I HAD to get it! And I freaking love it! It reminds me of The Exorcist, which I find hysterically funny.

I know that this wont be everyone’s cup o’ tea but for those of you with a sense of humor and edginess, I’d definitely check out the rest of Wicked Clothes’ line.

Click here to get a “Let’s summon demons” shirt


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