September Favorites

So I decided to do something a little different, to wear all my favorites this month! Mostly because they are clothing items.

No Fidoras Here!

I love this hat! I got super lucky and found it in the Halloween costume bin at the thrift store for $5! These hats go for about $45-$50 new! Yes they are still being made and you can find them on some “sailing” sites. The style is called a Greek Fisherman’s Cap and it just an interesting accessory. Everyone has, what I call, American Horror Story Coven hat and while still cute as hell, a little played out. This hat brings a new version  of all my “alternative go-to” outfits and changes them up a bit, giving them a punky look.


Have a dark sense of humor and want to flaunt it? How about a “Let’s Summon Demons Activities for Children” shirt!? I can’t wait to wear this shirt more with October literally tomorrow. Yes not everyone will get it, but screw them. This shirt makes me laugh just like any other graphic shirt you can find at spencers or another joke shop. If I see anyone wearing this shirt or any other version of WickedClothes shirts, i think I just found my new best friend!

Never too much Denim

This is literally my third denim jacket I own…but you can never have too much denim right!? I hope not because all my jackets are a little different from each other. This one I scored at the consignment store in my area and yes it was $40 BUT i find that normal thrift stores BARELY have ANY nice denim jackets. I fell that if you want something “thrifted” but still in nice condition, your best bet is a consignment store. The best thing about this jacket is that its a men’s jacket so it has POCKETS! SOOOOO many pockets! and they are all functional!!! front pockets, hand pockets, and even WIZARD STICK (wand) POCKETS!!! this is my new favorite item of clothing simply because of wizard stick pockets.

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