A Big APPLE-tite!

Ever since Ryan surprised me with an apple picking date last year, we both could not wait to go back and pick some delicious fruit for an even more a-PEEL-ing apple pie! Last year he made the slight error of waiting till the end of apple picking season to go. But it was an honest mistake. There was still a lot of apples and we got to make 2 pies WITH leftover apples to eat! This year we decided to hit the orchards early this year! So not only are we getting apple pies in October, we’re getting pumpkins later too! Yay for fruit picking! Or gourd picking…whatever.

It was a little cooler this time around, so I decided to break out a sweater! OMG…right? A sweater in Southern California!? I mean if you’re lucky enough like us, you can drive to higher altitudes and pretend it’s fall haha! But other than the weather being surprising, is this neat cutout sweater dress. Yes I am wearing as a top but who said you have to wear an item of clothing only ONE way?! Thank you Tobi for hooking a goth girl up with some sweet non-goth dresses that I totally gothed up! Though this dress isn’t black (they do have it IN black), I feel like if there is another spooky color out there, it has to be purple…and orange. But this dress doesn’t come in orange…and sometimes us ladies of the night enjoy other colors from time to time especially if its as badass as this!


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