Firmoo Glasses

Getting old doesn’t suck too bad, except when you are squinting at freeway signs while driving…yeah that’s not a good thing to be doing. For the past 5 years I have had to start wearing glasses because my eyesight has gotten progressively worse. Now I’m not blind as a bat, in need of telescoping lenses that make my eyes look buggy, but I do need to wear glasses. And for the longest time I have just been going  through my work insurance and getting eyeglasses that way. I’d go to Target optical, get my eyes checked, and then pay $300 on a pair of glasses! Like WTF!? That’s with insurance! Sorry work but ain’t nobody got money for that!

So thankfully, Firmoo contacted me and asked me to give their website a try. So yes I was given a free pair of glasses, however after the initial review with my free pair of glasses, I bought my own pair with my own money. And I love both pairs, the only thing I wish I would have splurged on was the anti reflective coating because I swear in certain light I can see my own eyeballs in the reflection of my glasses. ONLY downside, because the price was only $25 (with a 1/2 off coupon) but even the total without the coupon code, my glasses would have been $40! And they are prescription glasses, not just fashion ones. (which I have as well)

So other than the reflection and the waiting game trying to get my doctor to give me my prescription and pupillary distance, Firmoo’s website was a very easy maneuver and their glasses are very nice. I’m splendidly happy with them and I will be getting more in the future because I like to see and look fashionable!

You can head over to my YouTube channel and check out more videos from yours truly!

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