Crushing …

Over my boyfriend of officially 3 years…and this velvet dress!

But really, yesterday was our 3 year anniversary and nothing’s more romantic than dressing up and declaring to my boyfriend he is officially the longest relationship I have ever been in! I guess that can be romantic, and much as I enjoy dressing up for a romantic dinner with my love, I’m going to admit, we love just cuddling with our cats and watching movies. I love that I can do both with him and he is always on the same wavelength. It just takes a look and the sweatpants are on and popcorn is cooking. He has definitely been my rock through the hard times like when we thought we’d never get move out and get our own house, and the good times when we moved in and adopted our 3 furry felines.

I love how we still are learning so much about each other, like I actually do know how to use a hammer, and he can actually sew a button. Even when we get on each other’s nerve, at least at the end of the night, we can still share the same bed and know we love one another no less.

Without his help, this blog would be nothing. He is the genius behind the camera (with some help from my guidance) and I couldn’t be more grateful for all his help. He is the embodiment of Instagram Boyfriend. So even though you see my face, he is the magic that makes this blog special. He is always up to shoot pictures and videos even when he’s tired or cooking. He selflessly follows me around on my scavenging hunts to find new locations. He is an all around good sport. So of course he gets a cookie whenever he helps me!

And just like all the posts before this, he is the handsome man behind this one as well. He absolutely loves this dress and it helps that I love it too. Thank you so much to Tobi for the beautiful velvet dress and letting me show it off to the love of my life. He says he can’t get enough of it!

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