Oh my! Oh Deer!

Another HallowEASY costume!

This time were following what seems to be a popular trend in recent years. Does and Fawns seem to be hella popular as a costume for a more graceful look rather than a scary or “slutty” costume. So I mixed a little Grecian with a little wilderness. I paired my long rusty salmon colored Grecian dress with some heavily contoured makeup and fake freckles with a cute headband thanks to SyddyKat Creations!

I’m sure many of you have a long maxi dress from this past summer, and I think any floral design would be fine, just heavily contour and beat your face till you resemble a humanized deer. I just used my Kat Von D shade light palette and Nyx’s white lid lingerie for freckles and bam! Human Deer.

Now the real star of the show are these cute Fawn Headbands from an Etsy shop by SyddyKat Creations! I modeled some for the shop owner to show that even though these are geared towards a younger demographic, adults can still wear them! They also fit adult head sizes. I mean, hello, I’m wearing a wig and they fit comfortably!

The shop owner also has custom designs that you can request upon purchasing. So you can be a deer, or a fox, or a panda! And really all those animals are quite easy to replicate with makeup. Or if you are looking for a cute costume for your kid, SyddyKat Creations was founded on that! Lots of cute accessories for your darling little demons…I mean children!


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