Don’t Mauve Me

I hope that pun made sense haha like “Don’t mind me..” probably my weakest one sorry!

But on that note, purple is one of my closest seconds in terms of favorite colors ever since I was a kid. I’d say it was first for a little bit then you know…goth stuff. But variants of purple have been taking the fashion world by storm. I feel like back in the day there weren’t so many types of purple. Now with the boom of pastels due to (I’m assuming) the Kardashian and Jenner girls, you can find just about every shade of color ranging from the prettiest pastels to deeply darks. And since I have such a lassie-faire way of life, my taste is always changing. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a an all black parade, while other times I’m in the mood for a light, whimsical skip through the clouds. So please don’t mauve me while I strut my stuff in the most comfortable-purple-show-stopping dress brought to you by Tobi.

Now I personally like this look just because I live for comfort! I broke out some new black slip on sneakers and threw on one of my many denim jackets, and bam! A look Kylie would be proud of…if you’re looking for her approval or something, haha. You don’t always have to dress up a dress in my opinion. I do prefer pants over dresses but sometimes a dress just makes the look a little more put together. Like you kind of have your life together enough to be wearing a dress so casually. And this look is very “casual confident”, you got a short body-con dress but then its like fuck it, I ain’t wearing heels. And that’s just how I like it!

Oh and yeah, I cut my hair again! Say hello to miss pixie once again!


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