Sometimes you win, and sometimes you hit the LOTTO!

Ok, I wish I hit the lotto, however that’s not what exactly happened.

I hit the Thrifting Lotto! Ya’ll know me and know I love thrifting! And while I was out searching for an item for another post, I found the world’s BEST FREAKING FALL SWEATER!! I always thought cat sweaters were cute, but now being a crazy cat lady, it seems more fitting and appropriate to wear one all day every day.

I had no intention of “shopping shopping” but I couldn’t resist this freaking sweater! I mean come on! It is a brown tabby cat inside a pumpkin! And it fits perfectly! This sweater was MEANT for me! And I didn’t actually search for this item, the thrift store I went to has all their Halloween stuff at the front of the store and this was center front and we were magnetized to each other. It was destiny! I won’t say I love this cat sweater more than my cat kids…but it comes pretty darn close.

Have you guys ever find something that literally hit you like a ton of bricks and could not leave a store without it? I know I would have been extremely sad if I didn’t get this beauty, so glad I did! It makes my heart happy! I also thought I would show you how I styled the newest addition to my shoe family, my Steve Madden duck boots! I got these from Poshmark, and I couldn’t not be happier with them! They are super comfy and they are perfect for outdoor activities like picking pumpkins! I plan to wear these when it gets colder (like 2 weeks out of the year for SoCal) and go snowboarding!

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