Little Red

Another HallowEASY costume for you all thanks to FashionMIA! Little Red Riding Hood is a classic go-to costume, not a costume I ever dressed up as… I was more into witches and vampires…makes sense now haha!

Now I planned on taking a different approach with these HallowEASY costumes. Yes they are easy to recreate, but they also aren’t be your typical “slutty/sexy” store bought costume. I am trying to create looks that you can make with things you already own, or that can be created using items you can wear on a normal day-to-day basis. Also I am utilizing the wonderful world of thrift stores! I hate store bought costumes so much because 1. They are cheap/scratchy/ill fitting, and 2. you can only wear them once a year! So I plan on showing you some simple Halloween looks that you can wear all year round!

Since I have a ever growing collection of all things black I thought I’d darken this dress a bit for my take on Little Red Riding Hood. I’m wearing black stockings paired with cute little witchy heels I got from the thrift store as well as the hood and basket. Talk about a 1 stop shop! I added an era appropriate corset belt to give the look a more ye ole timey feel and viola! Easy peasy am I right?

If you want this dress, you can head over to FashionMIA to get yours and recreate this look! And for the creepy version of the look, I just used some Charcoal Whitening powder to channel my inner demon. You can check out Carbon Coco to get your teeth whitening kit!


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