A Guide to Finding Inner Peace (And Keeping Your Sh*t Together)

Because there is unfortunately still no such thing as outer peace. The focus on obtaining the elusive, the vague, the famous inner one has almost become a constitutional right alongside the pursuit of happiness. But behind all of the unclear bullshit, you can come across online, guiding you towards this over-glorified buzzword, hide a few simple, life-changing choices you can make every day.

Just to be clear, life will always be able to serve you a fair amount of crap every now and then, and this guide will not eliminate the possibility of random catastrophes that can befall your existence – but it can help you create your coping mechanisms, shorten your recovery, help you process your struggles and, simply put, become able to once and for all keep your shit together no matter what gives.

Stick to your guns

Consistency is perhaps one thing in life we fail to master while we’re too busy with new beginnings. Instead of making new promises and creating a lengthy list of New Year resolutions, why not try sticking to the things you’ve already started and making sure you reach the finish line? It’s not just the healthy diet, the gym membership or the new relationship.

The point is to recognize the hard work certain things in life require, and persisting through the inevitable downfalls and ruts in which you’ll get stuck. That’s when your devotion to a goal is supposed to shine, and your inner peace has a purpose in the face of unexpected adversity. Keep your list simple, and make sure to get up as many times as you fall, otherwise, your pursuits will be pointless and void of value.

Keep things simple

Minimalism isn’t something that should be used only for creating a capsule wardrobe, but it should permeate your entire life. Just like we have the tendency to stuff our lives with unnecessary possessions, we also love to overcomplicate life’s many problems and completely disrupt the very possibility of remaining calm when the shit hits the fan. So, if you’d like to bring serenity to your chaos-ridden mind, start by flushing out all the extras from your life.

That means people who don’t reciprocate your feelings, toxic relationships, supposedly cool hobbies you secretly despise and annoying social media pages and/or profiles you still waste your time on. Unless it brings genuine value to your life and makes you happy and fulfilled, get rid of it. You’ll thank me later.

Ditch your comfort zone

While many people find comfort in things that never change, and they bask in their predictability, that is no suitable soil for an evolving soul. Unfortunately, peace doesn’t happen out of boredom, but out of your strength to face the unknown. That doesn’t mean you need to abandon your sanity and run out into a car-filled street, but challenge your inner adrenaline junkie and try out something as extreme dirt biking.

The most important part is to put your plans into action, visit an online motocross store for all the dirt bike boots and gear you need, and start investing time and effort into building your resilience through challenges. Such activities will help you ground yourself in the present moment, enjoy the thrill and adventure and appreciate life to a new degree. Talk about gaining peace through excitement.

Drop the pretend game

We all wear masks that suit the collective expectations of our societies, and as such, we compromise our own real self. It may seem benign superficially, but it actually causes distress on your identity, and it can cause a dissonance in how you perceive yourself in the long-run. So, before you forget which bits of yourself are actually yours and which are the social norms that found their way into your existence, focus on being honest. And start with yourself.

Instead of choosing attitudes and beliefs that make others happy, own your reality and your values. Some will find you rude or insane, but your soul will be at peace with who you truly are, and so will those in your life who find you worthy, recognize your courage and find you hellishly sexy for your unrelenting authenticity. Fake people cannot find peace simply because they have no “self” to be at peace with.

Stop, breathe, get a grip

When all hell breaks loose, it matters that you have an emergency strategy to cope. For some, that means finding a quiet spot in nature for a contemplative weekend getaway, for others, it’s only a few minutes cuddling with their pooch and they’re good to go.

Whatever floats your boat, ruffles your truffles, whatever tickles your pickle should serve as your go-to serenity tool. It may seem like a temporary solution, but it’s precisely these small choices that will ultimately affect your overall pursuit of lasting peace.

Peter Minkoff is a beauty & style writer at HighStyleLife & Ivania’s Mode magazine. Beside writing he worked as a beauty consultant for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.


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