Tips for a Cozy Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Now that Halloween is over and we barely got over it, it’s time to embrace the magical holidays that are ahead of us. While preparing for Xmas and putting our Xmas spirit on (Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” playing in the background), we should try and organize a perfectly cosy and comfortable Thanksgiving dinner party. Take a look at our tips and try to find those that will make this year’s dinner party different, original and thus best than ever:

The planning process

The first thing to do is definitely plan out the whole evening. Start by writing down all the ingredients you have to buy for the dishes and drinks so that you don’t forget anything. Moreover, make a guest list and, if you have the time, print out some original invitations you will hand out. If you want your party to be memorable, you should also put effort into carefully choosing the decorations for the table, so that everything looks perfect. Also, make the entrance and the room where you’ll be spending the evening picture-perfect. In order to have everything under control, start planning and organizing at least two weeks before Thanksgiving.

The (basic) decoration process

The most prominent colours for every Thanksgiving dinner are orange, yellow, red and brown, but make sure to add a bit of green as well. Some of the most beautiful table decorations are branches of holly which you can find anywhere, put them in nice glass jars and place them in the centre of the Thanksgiving buffet table. Moreover, you can choose apples, quinces or red berries and just nonchalantly scatter them around the room. Also, it would be best to go with a white tablecloth because all the photographs will look better this way.

The menu-making process

Organizing the food and carefully choosing the menu is the most important aspect of every Thanksgiving dinner party. The key to a good feast is variety so choose as many different kinds of fruit and vegetables as you can. First impressions matter, so having good appetizers is a must. For this, you can choose a wide array of vegan finger food, vegetable and fruit shakes and smoothies, or mini sandwiches and bruschettes with mushrooms and vegan cheese. The openers should consist of different vegetable soups, while the main dish can be in a form of a vegan lasagna, stuffed pumpkins, or any other filling meal that will be a proper vegan alternative for the turkey.

The drink selection process

It could be a great idea if you chose to make a Thanksgiving dinner party with a twist. Opting for a cocktail party would be a great idea, and a very original one for that matter, since there are hundreds of cocktail recipes you can go for. With this, you’ll definitely make your dinner party memorable and unique. It is a well-known fact that New York is home to some of the most original cocktails and recipes, and since mixology in NYC is something that’s quite popular, so try to welcome it into your home. Based on your menu, do a bit of research and find out what the best cocktails for the food you’ve selected are, and present them to your guests. It is definitely a different experience when you drink cocktails that match perfectly with the food you’re eating.

The (extra) decoration process

If you have enough time and want to go an extra mile, you can choose to add different decorations to the dinner party. For example, labelling the dishes with nice, leaf-shaped yellow, orange and red labels can look very cute. If your guests have children, try to set a different table for them. This way, not only will you make sure you can talk without distractions, but will also give the children the impression they are big enough to be sitting at a different table. If you substitute a white tablecloth with a paper one, you can even give the small ones a chance to draw something while they’re eating to make the dinner more interesting for them. If you open up your mind, the choices are endless.

The organization of a Thanksgiving dinner party doesn’t have to be painful at all. If you make a list and carefully plan every single detail, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, but you’ll still be pretty successful in hosting the cosiest and most original Thanksgiving party of the year!

Peter Minkoff is a beauty & style writer at HighStyleLife & Ivania’s Mode magazine. Beside writing he worked as a beauty consultant for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.


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