Happy Plants-giving!

I Hope you all had a Happy PlantsGiving! Or maybe VegansGiving! Which do you like more? I can’t decide, but this thanksgiving I took on the cooking responsibilities for our family and you best know I went Seitan Ham in the kitchen! Since buying our house, I have been nonstop excited to do things my way and in my own house. Halloween we had our first annual Halloween Party which I admit, I got a little too SHEET-faced. But now with the holidays, I have been even more excited to create new traditions and spend time as a hermit in my own house for the holidays!

Because it was only Ryan and I… and our three cats, I made a fairly small thanksgiving feast. But what’s more important is that it was completely vegan! I worked so hard to cook some delicious food, all the while keeping it plant based. I don’t think I have ever spent so much time in our kitchen actually cooking than this thanksgiving.

I made roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes and yams, stuffing,  and vegan gravy! Now I was thinking about making a “meat”loaf for the main entree to substitute the infamous dead poultry carcass. I have made one before and it came out deliciously, however I was already biting off more than I can chew with everything else to cook, so I just stopped by my nearest Whole Foods and picked up a vegan loaf. Easy Peasy. And this is just enough for me since Ryan isn’t the biggest fan of fake meat. I definitely want to make a loaf next year or even for Christmas, but this thanksgiving I cut a few corners.

If you are like me and are kind of a fish out of water when it comes to the holidays, don’t be afraid to speak up or make your own dish! Last year I told everyone I am vegan and don’t plan on eating turkey or anything that has animal by-products in it. My family was nice enough to accommodate some recipes for me, like instead of stuffing made with chicken broth, they made it with vegetable stock. My grandma even bought a loaf for me to eat instead of turkey.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an accommodating family, make your own dish! Make a casserole! Those always fill me up! Mix a little of everything into the casserole that is your specific-diet-friendly. My advice if you do make your own dish, always make enough to share or have leftovers because I know some situations, people will feel like “oh only you can have that?” So make enough for people to try and if they don’t like it…more for you! And hey, you may even convert some people!

So just because you have dietary limitations and restrictions, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays with your family. Just get creative! Like what I did, I said “I’m Having a thanksgiving dinner at my house, all is welcome, all food is vegan, if that bothers you, you can bring your own food.” But to be honest, my dishes are exactly the same if you don’t tell a carnivore you made a few substitutions. AND you won’t feel as heavy and weighed down if there is no butter and milk!

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