How to Update Your Winter Wardrobe with Floral Prints

The outdated notion that florals are incredibly romantic, ‘girly’ and usually accompanied by different pastel shades that add to the girly and summery vibe are, thankfully, behind us. In the past couple of years, the floral print has gone through quite a transformation, a rebirth of a sort. The blossoms are darker, bolder and murkier, making the iconic print more empowering and better than perhaps ever before. While it’s true that there are very few rules in fashion nowadays, and you can mix and match, combine different prints and textures, there is still a tiny bit of restraint when it comes to rocking florals in the middle of winter. It is high time we shed those restraints and bring a little life into a season that can quite often be lifeless. If your wardrobe is filled with neutrals and dark hues generally associated with the harsher season, and you’ve been craving a pop of color, you are in for a bold floral ride.

Forget about the classic white

When we think of basics, such as tops, the mind tends to turn to classic white button-down shirts immediately. While this is a fine timeless garment that everyone should own, you shouldn’t limit yourself to non-colors. Why not bring a little life to that classic ‘dark jeans white shirt’ combo with the super-trendy black shirt with gorgeous pink flowers? Not only is it perfect for those casual days, but pair it up with a gorgeous burgundy pencil skirt and you’ve got yourself a stylish yet more-than-work-appropriate outfit.

Party on the bottom

Just the way a great floral shirt can make any outfit go from drab to fab, so can a great pair of floral pants. These have been quite popular with fast-fashion retailers like Zara (almost everyone rocked the green floral pants). Of course, with the drop of temperatures, you should definitely look for something in a sturdier fabric to keep the legs warm. Add that white button-down we know you own, or take things a step further and mix the florals with a cute striped cashmere sweater. With a playful outfit like this, the only thing you need to do is take a cue from the girls from the land Down Under as sunglasses in Australia are worn all year round. These girls know that the sunrays can be strong in the winter too, plus, a killer pair of shades always adds a chic element to every outfit.

Layer up!

If anyone tells you can’t rock a floral dress during the colder months, just disregard it and go shopping for a dress just like that. Layering exists for a reason, and it’s here to allow us to wear whatever we want and still be warm without compromising our sense of style. Go ahead, put on your very favorite floral dress, and then add a long and cozy cardigan. Polka dot tights will work like a charm with this combo, and just to stay on the warm side, don’t forget to turn to your trusty hat and chunky scarf. Layering isn’t only practical, it’s adorable.

Devil is in the details

One of the best things that has happened to the floral print is the fact that it has become one of the crucial ‘decorative’ elements of footwear. Life truly is too short to wear boring shoes and now, even when you don’t have the time to play around and experiment with different patterns you can wear something completely neutral and make the entire outfit pop with a pair of stunning embroidered ankle boots. You can apply the same principle to your bags and other accessories. Neutral outfit plus a conspicuous floral solid handbag or even a cross body bag, and you have got yourself a winning combo.

With so many gorgeous dark florals that are here for the picking, integrating the vivid pattern into your winter wardrobe has definitely never been easier or more chic.

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