1 Magical Purse Styled 3 Ways

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday! I’d say this year was fantastic! Ryan got me my very own hammock! Aerial hammock that is… you know cirque stuff. He’s black and I named him Sirius…Because you can never have too many Harry Potter references in your life!

Which brings me to Tonks, this beautifully obnoxious purple Jessica Buurman cross body bag that I have been wanting since Helen Anderson bought herself the Gucci Marmont purse in the same style.

I believe it has been discontinued, but I have linked a strikingly similar one from the Jessica Buurman’s site.

I have never been so attracted to a purse in my life until I saw the Gucci Marmont purse. Now that is over $1,700 worth of an investment, and I will have the real one in the future (if it’s still being made) but you can always feel like a million bucks with this fraction-of-the-cost dupe. Coming in at only $90, Jessica Burrman knows how to make you feel like Hot Shit! Everything about this bag is so lush and luxe, the velvet soft material, the deep quilted pattern, the heavy gold hardware, the sheer size of the purse. I mean, you could definitely fit some goodies in this thing! I thought it was going to be the size of my hand, tiny and dainty…but I was THOROUGHLY surprised to see it is a whole lot bigger! If you are itching for a new statement piece of ANY kind… please check out this purse, it will definitely make any outfit look like you got some serious cash!

But since Tonks is such an eye-catching shade of an eggplant and amethyst love child, it can seem like it’d be impossible to wear with anything! But worry not muggles! This purse can spruce up any outfit! Whether you’re going for out for a fancy feast, or maybe a playful party, or headed for a casual cup of coffee; this purse can and will go with any outfit!

In this first look I styled an Embroidered Dress courtesy of StyleWe. This is perfect for a classic night out with some colleagues. You know, just keeping it real classy here.

But maybe you’re looking for a more party appropriate look. And who says you can’t mix hardware colors? I say YOU DO YOU!

Or maybe you just wanna look fly as fuck but comfy as hell at the same time… GURL! I GOT CHU!

Black cage top & Honey hoodie: GS Love (formerly known as G-Stage)| Pleather leggings: Costco | Leggings: Victoria Secret | Jeffery Campbell style heels: Thrifted | Chucks: Vans

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