Leggings for days

Is it me or is this the season for leggings? I’ll be honest and always thought that wearing leggings as pants was the ultimate abomination. But it’s crazy how trends change and standards are thrown to the wind. I can wear leggings all day every day… I pretty much do! They have definitely come a long way from just your simply black cotton leggings. I mean they had to start somewhere though right? Now, they come in beautiful designs, wicking and stretchy fabric, they are the ultimate article of clothing. And as an aerialist, they are a staple in my wardrobe. The best part is, you can get beautiful leggings for hella cheap. You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amounts of money to look like a kick ass yogi. Hell, you don’t even have to practice yoga to wear leggings! Gamiss is the place to shop for all your legging needs. They are super affordable, most of their leggings come in multiple sizes, and they are hella cute!

Get your Gamiss leggings just in time for indoor Valentine’s Day Netflix marathon with yourself! You know me, I hate valentine’s day…so Ryan and I will be spending it in comfy clothes and watching some Black Mirror!

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