January Favorites

Sorry everyone I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus! With several birthdays in January (mine included) and a promotion at work that has me slammed (in a good way) and trying to squeeze in time for aerial practice… Nickitea is Me has since suffered. But don’t worry I didn’t forget about every one of my lovely readers! I have a short list for you this month because there are somethings that I keep using and are just my ALL TIME FAVORITE (like my aerial hammock!)

Aritzia Leggings

So I’m certain you read my last post about how much I love leggings and a girl can never have too many. Even if you don’t workout. But I actually need them (at least that’s how legitimize owning over 20 pairs of leggings) because I’m an aerialist. So I can say, in my professional legging-wear-er opinion, no two leggings are made the same. Yes cheap leggings are great because frugalness…but these leggings… O. M. G. changed my life! Ryan’s sister actually got me a pair of these leggings from her work and holy shit they are the nicest pair of leggings ever! Now the ones I own are not available online…unfortunately. But I can tell you, ANY of their TNA brand leggings are AMAZING and you will not be disappointed! They’re soft, and comfy, they don’t dig into any squishy spots. AMAZING! However, they do cost a pretty penny. Upwards of $60 for a pair, but they do have some nice sales, bringing them down to $20. Totally worth it!  Thanks Kylee for sharing these little slices of heavenly clothing!

Check out Aritzia for some comfy leggings!


I know, a little strange to be favoring a tripod. But when you are (again) an aerialist, you like to record yourself flowing and practicing for either sharing on social media, or to help you critic your practice for a routine. I do both. And before Ryan getting me a tripod for my birthday, I struggled to set up my camera on my bag and angle it at me without it sliding and it was just a hot mess. After the tripod, everything is SO much easier! the arms are adjustable, it swivels and turns. It even has a phone attachment to hold and use your phone to record. I love it! Not only good for recording aerialists, but good for couples like Ryan and I that like to take pictures at certain angles that people can just get right. Ryan and I have a Mammoth trip coming up in March and I plan on taking it for some awesome snow filled pictures! (Mammoth is a popular mountain for skiing and snowboarding and all kinds of snow filled fun)

Here is a similar tripod you can check out!

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