Pixie Picks

Well hello there! It’s me, Tatiana’s Pixie! And I thought I would do a little take-over of the Nickitea is Me Blog and make it about Me, the Pixie! This is my second time coming around for some fun in Tatiana’s life. She just couldn’t stay away and I don’t blame her! Once you go short…you’ll..never..resort…to wanting long hair again because who even has time for that!?

Ok I’m not as good at the witty jokes and puns as Tatiana is, but I am good at looking good! Literally anyone looks good with me on their noggin! And I’m here to tell you what I like whilst on top of Tatiana’s quirky cranium!

Mr. Mitchell

I’m sure you have heard Tatiana is going cruelty-free with her hair products, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about that! Looking good and making a difference! You go girl! So all of the products that she uses on me are not tested on animals what so ever! All Paul Mitchell hair products are cruelty-free and it’s probably one of the more well know/biggest lines of hair products on the market. So this handsome man is very easy to find at any Target, Ulta, even grocery store!

So because I’m so fine atop Tatiana’s head, I like to get my lift on with Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Sculpting Foam. A little goes a long way with this hunky hair mousse, but it works like a charm! I always get a nice pump with Mr. Mitchell and he leaves a lasting mark on my fine tresses so I stay plump and not fall flump!

Not Yo Mama’s

Moving on, Not Your Mother’s is definitely not exclusive to not yo mama. ( Pixie- was that a good joke? Tatiana- No.) Ok well NYM has this really nifty product that really adds that extra gritty to your pretty pixie. I’ll be honest, I get tired through the day and fall flat…which can me a boring look on me. With Girl Powder, you get that extra lift from your homegirls to keep you tall and lifted all day long. Like how women should!


Jet Black Dry

So you know, people don’t wash their hair everyday… some may say that’s being lazy…but I think it’s just conserving water for the planet! Go Humans! Tatiana tries hard to not wash her hair too often to not only keep the planet’s water supply readily available, but to also keep her raven tresses as dark as “her soul” as she likes to say all too often…but really she’s a big sweetheart! Thankfully, with hair technology these days, dry shampoo now comes in a variety of colors! Gone are the days (like maybe 2 years ago) are chalky white hair from dry shampoo or even baby powder! AG Hair has a dry shampoo line perfect for every hair color (well naturally occurring…sorry blue beauties and pink princesses) Simply Dry (regular white), Blonde, Light Brown, Brunette, and Jet Black! So not only can Tatiana wash me less, I wont look like a Dalmatian!

Well I guess that’s it for now! Tatiana is a pretty simple person when it comes to me. She doesn’t like to fuss with tons of products and once she finds some that she likes…to be honest she turns into a hoarder! HOWEVER, if anyone is interested in suggesting Vegan/Cruelty-Free products for me and her to try, please leave them in the comments! I’ll be back to tell you my thoughts!

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