February Favorites

You are a Badass at Making Money

Another self-help book because I live for those! Jen Sincero is at it again with another You are a Badass book, this time geared toward helping those who want to be rich AF! Now I know what you’re thinking… Money can’t buy happiness… But does it? I’m not saying you can physically buy happiness nor will just having money make you happy. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are still sad and depressed. No, it’s how you use money. Listen up, if travelling, tasting new food, buying a car, or buying a HOUSE makes you HAPPY…that all requires money… right? So if doing things that make you happy requires money…won’t it be easier to do those things if you have money? Crazy concept I know. Jen talks about how you don’t need to be a slave to hard work to get money to do those things that fill you up with joy.

I seriously recommend this book if you are feeling like you’re stuck and can’t seem to get out of a crappy situation because you “don’t have money.” Everyone has the potential to acquire money, and if doesn’t fall into your lap and you are determined to make more money (for the right reasons) then Jen is there to give you a swift kick in the butt to not be scared of finding it yourself!

Listen to the author herself here

Is this a Catholic Church or something?

If you don’t get the reference, it’s because catholic mass is usually sitting, standing, sitting, standing, and do the hokey pokey. And my work got me a sit/stand desk! It’s been 5 years in the making but we finally all got them! I have always had trouble sitting for 9 hours a day due to my back pain. I would try to stand and move as much as I can… but it took time away from actually working. But now, I can work and fidget and stand and move it all around all I want! I definitely recommend this to anyone who is a desk jockey for more than 5 hours a day. It didn’t cost me a thing but it runs about $300 to start. It never hurts to ask your employer if they can provide one for you and your coworkers. But if not, maybe putting money down on one will show your boss just how important your health is.

Get a Varidesk here

Mathis Bros. Lancaster Bed Set

Biggest “I’m an adult now” Purchase of my life…well other than buying a car…and buy a house. But you know what I mean! Ryan and I finally purchased a complete bed set! And no ikea piece of crap. But a solid wood bed set! Thank you Mathis Bros.! They had the perfect bed set we were looking for, perfect color, perfect design, a in our case perfect SIZE. We thought we had a large master bedroom, but this bed set is a lot bigger than we first thought. Thankfully it fits perfectly in our master and really feels like we have our shit together. No more sleeping on the floor and haphazardly positioning old drawers and tables for nightstands. Our bedroom looks so beautiful! And we have so much more storage! We got a 5 drawer chest, and 2 2 drawer nightstands! Now our closet looks a bit more organized and my socks are right next to me when I sleep so if my footsies get cold in the middle of the night, I don’t need to even leave my bed! So the style we got is the Lancaster, it was about $2,500 but don’t let that price tag scare you. There is payment plans and 0% interest for the first year. These pieces of furniture will last an extraordinarily long time compared to a cheap ikea set or even target. So even though it a big chunk of change, in the long run, if taken care of, it will be worth the money.

Mr. Mitchell

So if you read my pixie picks post, then you probably know that I love Paul Mitchell’s line of hair products. Goddamn this man’s a genius! Ryan and I both agree, not one product we have used from the Paul Mitchell brand has disappointed. Every one we’ve tried so far has worked wonders. I personally suffer from thin and fine hair but when I use the extra body mousse, I really don’t need to put anything else in my hair for volume. I mean I have to use a lot to get my hair to that point, but it does work as a great base in conjunction with a proper blowout and gritty texture dust. AND its cruelty free! Which is freaking AWESOME! You go Mr. Mitchell!

Paul Mitchell Hair products

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