Cruelty Free Makeup Picks: All About the Base

I’m literally turning into Tashina Combs over here. Bringing you some of my favorite VCF items. If you don’t know who Tashina Combs is, check out her Vegan and Cruelty-Free Blog Logical Harmony. As for me, I just barely started getting into this world of VCF beauty and lifestyle items. Tashina on the other hand has been reporting on products for YEARS! So I take her findings very seriously and trust them 100% She not only reports items that are Cruelty-Free like most sites and blogs do, she goes above and beyond and report what brands are vegan, what brands have parent companies that test, and she is constantly updating her master list with new items that she PERSONALLY has reached out to discover the truth behind the products.

So PLEASE check her out if you are a new vegan looking to also change your beauty/lifestyle towards a VCF life! Tashina Combs at Logical Harmony


Ok with that being said, I have been on the hunt for some new makeup that is VCF or at the VERY least Cruelty-Free. And the hardest VCF makeup item to find is foundation… I will say that I hate to see me Loreal true match lumi foundation go because it was the PERFECT shade and consistency for me, but I know it is for the utmost best for the humane treatment of animals. And since dumping my animals testing makeup products, it has been a challenge, not to find makeup that is VCF because there is a ton out there now-a-days, but finding a simple foundation that matches my pale yellow ass is HARD AS FUCK!

I have since given up the search and more or less settled for the CoverFX Cover Drops foundation. The shade is still not quite right (G30) but it’s better than having a pink face while the rest of you is YELLOW! (I’m looking at you elf and wet n wild!) I also like how the CoverFX drops are meant to be mixed so I can customize my finish. If I want a tinted moisturizer, just a few drops here. If I want a dewy complexion, just some oils and drops there. I haven’t really found a normal foundation that I like. I own Kat Von D’s lock foundation but that shit is THICK AS HELL, as well as the natural finish foundation from CoverFX too. But with the drops, I can use my favorite primer, serum, or moisturizer as a base.

However, even though it can be mixed with different things, the things you use to mix…and other facial serum/moisturizers will compromise the finish and look of the foundation. What the heck does that mean?! Well I have been experimenting with my “makeup days skincare routine” and I have found that not all my moisturizers and sunscreen and serums like each other. If I want to wear sunscreen under my makeup and then mix the Cover Drops in with oils… Imma be looking like a hot patchy mess! And if I mix the drops with my shea moisture moisturizer, my flat top foundations brush leaves my face streaky as hell. I have been really trying to nail down a technique that works well for me. Trial and error.

My main concern is not being able to get my sun protection on under my makeup…but luckily, there are natural oils that have naturally occurring SPF in them! Raspberry Seed Oil is one of them! it can run anyway from 30 SPF all the way to 50 SPF! And because most normal sunscreens contain zinc oxide, I can’t use them because I am allergic to it. But guess what doesn’t have zinc oxide in it…Raspberry Seed Oil! I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried it yet but as I am writing this, my raspberry seed oil is in the mail on its way to me. But I will update you on my next VCF makeup pick!

If you’d like to try the CoverFX CUstom Cover Drops, you can buy it here

OR, you can hit up your local Sephora and nab a sample!! Save yourself some MOOLA


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