Comfy Coats a PopJulia and FashionMIA Review

Well its official, winter is in full swing here in southern California. A wintry 60°F! I’m sure for the rest of the northern half of the continental US 60°F is basically summer… But for me this is winter. And I love it! Bring on the bundles of coats and scarves! Thankfully, PopJulia and FashionMIA have hooked your girl up with some coats, perfect for this Californian half-ass winter!

These coats are not waterproof by any means, but very fashionable and respectably warm. Living in Southern California, these coats are perfect for a mild winter. I wouldn’t recommend them if you are experience blizzards or torrential down pours. But if it’s just nippy outside and you want to look boojey on a budget, check out these sites for some cute coats!

Camel Trench style coat: PoJulia

Black Geometrical line Blouse: PopJulia

Fuzzy Sleeve Coat: FashionMIA

Pearl Choker: FashionMIA

All items were gifted to me but all opinions are my own. Use links at your discretion.

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