5 Reasons Alternative Fashion is so Cool

People who nurture a style that has been dubbed ‘alternative’ are most often unaware of this ‘alternative’ moment. It’s not that they’re unaware of the fact that they don’t follow world trends -that they very well know. They don’t, however, put a label on it, or feel the need to, they simply follow their instincts, dress in a way that’s in accordance with their personality and lifestyle. Sometimes their outfit choices reflect their values, interests and hobbies. It’s popular culture that deemed them alternative and at times even edgy. There are tons of reasons why dressing outside the box is so darn cool, and today we’re focusing on that. Who knows, once you’ve discovered all the cool elements, you might be swayed towards the alternative way.

The lack of rules

Every conventional fashionista is a slave to trends, and whether we like to admit it or not, most of us ultimately cave under the pressure to look trendy and on point. Regardless of how limitless, versatile and even playful mainstream fashion has become, it still dictates certain rules and, due to our desire to blend in and look stylish, we obey those rules. There is none of that in alternative fashion. The only rules are self-imposed, which in turn makes them a choice as opposed to something you ‘have to do’.

Let the creativity flow

The lack of rules in alternative fashion means that you don’t have to purchase the latest trends, you don’t have to follow the conventional mix and match route – you have the freedom to put together an outfit comprised of any given garments you feel like rocking on a particular day, and that gives you the added confidence to subconsciously set trends. Everything is in the attitude, and when you own the outfit, others will follow. The best part – you don’t even care if people admire your look or not. When you’re not shackled by mainstream fashion, the style playground is so much bigger. The amount of freedom allows for the creative juices to flow and who knows where that can take you.

The ultimate form of self-expression

Everything we do, every move we make, tells bits and pieces of who we are. It’s sad to say this, but those who blindly follow trends aren’t saying much to the world, as everyone is beginning to look the same. On the other hand, someone in a full-on retro outfit, someone wearing gothic costumes, steampunk-inspired outfits and accessories, even someone who rocks top hats and feathers is telling a story of who they are. They’re telling you a whole lot about their hobbies, music preferences, lifestyle and affinities towards a particular time era. When you wear an outfit that provides insight into who you are, insight that goes beyond the fact that you’re a good dresser, you give your clothes meaning, and authenticity and depth are always cool.

The rebel factor

Needles to say, people who take the unconventional route in fashion and life are rebels. It takes a lot of bravery to create your own path and not care what anyone thinks about your choices. Those who are proud alternative fashion followers are brave, because they learn to live with the glances and the murmurs, grow thick skin and learn not to crave approval, and that isn’t only cool, it’s actually groundbreaking.

Creating new paths

When you dress in a way that is not generally popular and actually sometimes frowned upon, you’re not only helping break down stereotypes about yourself or the particular alternative fashion movement you ‘belong to’. No, you’re actually paving the way for future generations. With your appearance that often stands out, you are telling the new kids, the future generations, that it’s ok not to look and be like everyone else. You are a pioneer of change and the message you’re sending doesn’t only concern appearance – you’re actually motivating everyone to live the life they want. They may not end up dressing like you, but you will have sparked something in them and if you can inspire at least one person to be their true self, well, that’s more than enough.

Peter Minkoff is a beauty & style writer at HighStyleLife & Ivania’s Mode magazine. Beside writing he worked as a beauty consultant for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.

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