Vegan Vacation and Meal Prepping

So Ryan and I decided to finally take a trip to Mammoth Lakes this winter for some serious snow and snowboarding. Because, you know, this California babe has only ever seen ocean and sand. But I am more than happy to embrace the cold and snow and lack-of-sun because secretly I’m a vampire. *HISS* However, since your girl barely has a coat that keeps her dry the few times of the year it rains, I had to stock up on proper winter clothing. Jacket, pants, snow boots, and for added protection, wrist guards and a helmet.

Which is all very important to keep my body warm, but what I was worried about was keeping my body happy. I always get a bit nervous when travelling (even if it’s within the same state) to new places being vegan. Yes I can always resort to a vegans go-to last resorts, French fries and salad. But I wanted to make sure I was eating full and wholesome meals because snowboarding takes a lot out of you so feed to fuel!

Luckily, we decided it would be best if we stayed at a hotel/motel that at least had a small kitchenette. Or at the veeeery least a mini fridge and microwave. Fortunately, we stayed at a hotel with a kitchen! SO bring on the groceries!

This my friends, is where meal planning becomes your life! If you were worried like I was about what to eat while on vacation, just meal plan! I meal plan my every day and meals when I’m on vacation just so I know I have something yummy and nutritionally dense for the entire time I’m away. Now this doesn’t mean I rule out eating at a restaurant or have a spontaneous lunch. I just plan for the “worst case scenario” so I don’t have to be scrambling around at the last minute trying to think of something to eat that’s vegan and not fast food French fries…but I do love French fries.

So here is what I shopped for and created while on vacation

(B)Oats (L/D)Mini peppers
(B)Nut-Free cookie spread (S)Chickpeas
(B)Chia Seeds (S)Carrots
(S)Apples (L/D)Broccoli
(L/D)Tofu (L/D)Black Beans
(L/D)Avocados (L/D)Yams
(B)reakfast (S)nack (L)unch (S)nack (D)inner
Day 1 Cookies & Chia


Sliced Apples Fajita Style Tofu Bowl Carrots & Homemade Hummus Loaded Baked Yam
Day 2 Cookies & Chia


Carrots & Homemade Hummus Loaded Baked Yam Sliced Apples Fajita style Tofu Bowl
Day3 Cookies & Chia


Sliced Apples Fajita style Tofu Bowl Carrots & Homemade Hummus Loaded Baked Yam
Vegan “Cookie Butter” spread for my Cookies & Chia Oats

So some may say that (breakfast especially) looks super boring… well for me, I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every single day anyway. Only on the weekends and usually just one day will I make scrambled tofu or something. Oatmeal is just something I always enjoy and can change up every day but is always an easy go-to meal. This meal prep was also fairly inexpensive, I already had oats, chia seeds, cookie spread, black beans and chickpeas. And I would think any vegan would have a few of these items already stocked up so this isn’t going to break the bank.

So even though this meal plan is very short, it’s still nice to be prepared when you are in a situation where no one knows what to eat, at least the vegan of the bunch is covered! Cuz god knows everyone always looks to me for restaurant suggestions since I have the “picky” palette.

Fajita Tofu “bowl” but on a plate because why dirty another dish!

I’d also like to point out I did not follow my meal prep exactly. We went out for some food here and there but I remembered to scrutinize what’s in the food I’m eating to make sure it truly is Vegan friendly.

Half Vegan Half Meat Lovers Pizza
Some yummy ramen on a cold snowy day



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