March Favorites

Can you believe I wrote this whole favorites article, it was ready to go but I just FORGOT to click “PUBLISH” fail…hard fail.

Micellar What?

I was a total believer that micellar water was a gimmick. Just like “diet water” or those silicone sponges. Like its freaking water! Why are ya’ll paying 7 dollars for a bottle of water to rinse your face with!? Well little did I know that this is the beez-kneez when it comes to removing stubborn makeup. I have an oil balm I use to get the majority of my face makeup off which works really well, but I didn’t feel comfortable putting it on my eyes. So I was on the hunt for an eye makeup remover that was, of course, VCF. And micellar water kept popping up again and again. But rather than just buying willy-nilly, I decided to go to the source. When Ryan and I went to the Natural Products Expo, representative from both Pacifica and Yes To were at the expo so I got to talk to a pro face-to-face. I asked them their thoughts on micellar water, how to use it, if it’s safe to put on your eyes, and if it truly works. I settled on Yes To Charcoal Micellar Water it is slightly cheaper and I liked the no fuss pump. The representative also said that the charcoal ones is the best for removing eye makeup. So I went ahead and purchased it from my local Target. And OMG where have I been this whole time! I love this product! Lately I have been slathering on the eye makeup and this stuff knocks down like it’s nothing! If you are a makeup enthusiast, I highly highly recommend this product! And since it has charcoal in it, it helps with blemish prone skin!

Burst of Colors

So I did a little digging and there are some blogs that say Morphe is CF, and some say it’s a grey area that there isn’t enough information on them. Now I watch Kristen Leanne on YouTube and she is like one of the most well-known and respected Cruelty-Free beauty vlogger on the platform. She uses some Morphe palettes so I’d like to say it’s safe enough to say it’s Cruelty-Free. So I went ahead and got myself the 35B Color Burst palette because I have been itching for some cool makeup looks for every day wear and aerial shows. The first look I wore using this palette was a HIT! I had a sunset yellow, orange, red eye look and wore it to the Natural Products Expo and literally every booth I went to, someone complimented me on my eye makeup and shirt (which I’ll talk about next) I’m not sure if it’s the formula or if my blending skills are just that good, but that look was fiery! I can’t wait to do an “under the sea” look with the blues and purples! I’ll keep you posted on how that looks over on my Instagram! If you are bored with the warm “nude” type palettes, I’d definitely check out this palette. Only $22 as well!

Child of Seitan

Now the shirt that is the perfect ice breaker. You can definitely weed out people with this shirt in a heartbeat, either people will hate it. OR, your new vegan BFFs will absolutely be rolling on the floor, dying of laughter. This will not be everyone’s cup of tea and I understand that, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I find it hysterical and every damn vegan LOVED it at the expo. There are a few other kinds of Seitan Pun shirts out there like “Hail Seitan” or “Seitan made me do it” which are just as funny, but I really liked this one. Simple and it takes a second for you to get it and realize that is the best fucking shirt ever!

Natural Products Expo

To be completely honest, I was never aware that this event was a thing. Ryan went for work and told me about it and I HAD to go! He came home with a crap tone of yummy food samples, and trial size beauty/skincare products. He told me I wouldn’t believe how many vegan booths were at this place and that was the final straw. I hopped on the computer, bought my ticket for the last day and thankfully my little blog was able to get me in for discount price. OMG I had no idea how big and amazing this place was! I can see why its over the course of 4 days! I think we were only able to see a fraction of what there really was but I still had the time of my life. I got to try new products from brands I already love. I found NEW brands and foods that I can’t wait to come out so I can buy them all out! And I got some great advice from reps about their products and how best they work (see above for micellar water) If there is any way possible you can go to the Natural Products Expo next year…GO! It is a long day of walking but it’s like the same as a day at Disneyland. Except you get free food and goodies to take home with you! It’s not only for vegan though, Ryan found some great food for himself… but I was proud that he really enjoyed this one vegan jerky, so much he wants to buy it when it launches!

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