The Valiant Vegan

Oh hey there! I’m not dead!

I wanted to pop on here and write about my journey so far being 100% vegan and about 70% cruelty-free. I am extraordinarily happy with my decision and I love living every day knowing that I am not only healthy and knowledgeable, but I didn’t need to sacrifice a life for a 20 minute meal.

I have people everyday (non-vegans) looking down on me as if I live a hard life, scavenging for food and living on “rabbit food” while slowly deteriorating from lack of protein and iron… I LOVE to break it to you, because I am THRIVING not surviving! Being vegan has opened so many doors for me when it comes to food. I get excited to try new recipes or new restaurants that are vegan friendly. Yes it can suck sometimes like when I work so hard on a recipe and it fails…HARD! Or when I visit an over-hyped restaurant that turns out to be blander than shit… no shit is probably still tastier than these places I’ve tried… But most times I am thrilled to eat and enjoy my meals! I don’t feel guilt when I eat and especially sluggish or slowed down even after eating vegan junk food!

I am also given a hard time “vegCAN’T eat this, vegCAN’T eat that.” Blah blah blah, it’s not that I can’t eat this or that, I don’t want to! I am PERFECTLY happy eating plain tofu and rice. I am happy to not be eating gross ass pus milk and dead animals. I am happy sitting alone in my little vegan bubble where my food tastes great and no animals are harmed in the making of my meals.

With that being said, I find my Instagram following slowly diminishing… I know, first world problems. But frankly I don’t care. I know I was once a semi/non-existent influencer, but now my focus has shifted on both living in the real life NOW and enjoying the little things (like wholesome delish fish or unreal almond butter cups) I care less and less about those people who decide to unfollow me because it “too hard” to stomach the truth. I am constantly reposting vegan photos and videos because it is important to me! I want to share with everyone that you can THRIVE as a vegan! You can live a happy and healthy life eating DELICIOUS food that doesn’t harm animals.

I know the truth is hard to swallow and that’s why we have lived in a “ignorance is bliss” world where as long as we don’t see it, I can eat it. But eating 3-4 even more servings of meat a day!? That’s why we’re all unhealthy!!!! We’re told to eat more vegetables and fruit…but we just can’t seem to drop meat/dairy/butter/milk/eggs…which are the leading causes of major health concerns.

I promise we have nothing to hide, we just want whats best for animals and humans alike. We want to live in a happy and healthy world. So if you have a problem with that, then go ahead and unfollow me. I don’t care, I just want the animals voices heard.

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