Personal Policies

This is a term I learned literally a week ago. Sarah Hawkinson and Muchelle B. from YouTube both talked about it and implement it into their everyday lives.

If you have no idea (like I did) what the heck a personal policy is, it is an idea sparked from the book The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck that says you should list out things you won’t spend your time giving a fuck about.

What is a personal policy?

Still confused? Ok here we go, basically in our day to day life, there are things we dread doing or are anxious when we think about doing them and would reeaally not want to do anymore but continue to because that’s just how we live, in a constant state of fear and unease.

A personal policy is basically telling yourself, you know what, my happiness is the most important thing in my life and there are these things I know bring me unhappiness that I should just STOP doing.

Now this doesn’t mean stop paying bills… that is adult stuff you have to do. But little things that you can totally avoid if you really set your life up to focus on just things that make you happy.

For example here are some of my personal policies:

  • I will not let people dictate the way I feel about not wanting to go out in the sun. If I don’t want to go out in the sun, I AM NOT GOING TO and that is fine.
  • I will take care of myself and give my body ample rest by going to bed at a reasonable time every night. AKA 9:00pm bedtime
  • I will protect myself and put my well-being first by NOT BEING ON MY DAMN PHONE AND DRIVING!

Make sense? Basically I will not let anyone force me to be in the sun because it makes me uncomfortable and as an adult I deserve my comfort to be understood at the very least. I don’t have time for haters saying I’m an old lady because I want to go to bed early, I love sleeping so Imma damn well get my beauty rest! And lastly, staying off my phone not only benefits me but everyone around me

I always thought about things like this, like the sun one. As adults when start learning about self-love and what we can do to make ourselves truly happy, maybe it’s a good place to start at things you don’t like and set up boundaries. If staying away from certain situations or people make you happy, then YES do it! But you can’t run from jury duty… that’s the only exception.

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