Making the Mundane Magickal.

Samantha from the YouTube channel Shadow Harvest recently posted a video that spoke to me on a high vibe level. She talked about how she turns “everyday objects” into magickal talismans.

What is a magickal talisman?

When you think of something having magickal properties you usually hone in onto the occult stuff right? Crystals, sage, tarot cards, herbs, candles… well these things are inherently magickal. But what about everyday things? You don’t think to grab a pair of scissors and say “hey I feel the magick in these.”

Well let’s say you’re a seamstress and you feel your magick the strongest when you are making clothes and sewing because that’s what you feel connected to? Now would you associate your tools; needle, thread, scissors, as… magickal? Well that’s what Samantha is talking about.

Samantha makes her cup of coffee and talisman because she feels so connected with it. It what makes her feel safe and comforted that it only made sense to her that it’s filled with magick.

What’s my “everyday magickal object”?

After watching this video, I got to thinking…you don’t need all the witchy things. They are nice to have but for me, a cup of tea is magickal enough for me. When I drink tea I am instantly pulled into the NOW. I take my time to sip my tea and enjoy the flavor and warmth. Just like Samantha says, it is grounding and allows me to center my mind. We get all swept away in thoughts and trying to be busy all the time. Finding that one thing that doesn’t always have to be a crystal or tarot cards to calm your hectic thoughts and let you be present and in the moment is magickal in my book.

Maybe it’s a book because you are a serious bookworm. Or maybe a bike because you love the wind on your face and it makes you feel alive. Heck, it can even be a pen because you enjoy journaling your thoughts in a diary or get lost in an art piece.

Whatever it may be, just know that we can make any little thing magickal.

One thought on “Making the Mundane Magickal.

  1. […] intention into everything you do. Make the mundane magickal! Take time to breathe into a moment or put your focus and love on something that you do and it […]


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