June Favorites

Hello there! I know I skipped the past few monthly favorites but as mentioned in my previous post, I’m just enjoying life as an engaged woman! But I thought I’d take some time to round up a few of my favorites for the past few months. Here we go!

My Favorite Murder

Ok I know some of you are already put off by the title… just hear me out. My Favorite Murder is not serial killers talking about who they enjoyed killing the most. It’s a podcast of 2 very down to earth women, Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstark, talking about murder and murder mysteries they are fascinated with. If anyone out there enjoys thrillers, mystery, and crime in the form of movies or books, you’d now what I am talking about. But instead of being like the podcast CRIMINAL, these ladies are more like your best friend having a chat about the shared interest of crime and murder. There isn’t a whole lot of facts but I enjoy it, it’s like if you took two women and had them watch documentaries about different cases and they commentate what it is they are watching. They are EXTREMELY funny and easy to listen to. (for me that is, I know some people have a hard time with these kind of podcasts) I have been binge listening to them for a month straight! Please check them out!

Popping Tags

So I’ve talked about how much I love thrift store any chance I get. I have my Thrift Shop Thursdays series on here (which is seriously lacking) and I need to transfer that series over to YouTube because everyone loves a good thrift haul! But lately I have been buying my clothes ONLY from thrift stores and I just really enjoy going. I will always need to go to a regular store for new thing *cough* undies *cough* but I have found some of my favorite pieces at the thrift store and its so satisfying finding that golden egg of a piece. Last time I het the thrift store, I was only looking for a case to hold my new sunglasses and decided to peruse the isles…I found a nearly BRAND NEW pair of converse! and just take a wild guess at how much they cost me… go on!

Stick around, I’ll tell you at the end of this post! But I really enjoy my little brag session when people compliment my outfit and I just say “Thanks, thrifted!” I should totally put that on a shirt! If you are resilient and don’t mind a little bit of germs, take up thrifting! There is nothing a good wash won’t make new!


10 out of 10 scariest movie I have seen in my life! I was legitimately getting goose bumps and chills watching this movie. It is definitely the new “The Exorcist of 2018.” With that being said, not everyone is going to watch it. I’m surprised Ryan even wanted to watch it. I think he is scarred for life. Fortunately, IT’S JUST A MOVIE. If you are looking for a truly terrifying experience, this is the movie to mind-fuck the shit out of you. Even seeing it with a theatre full of people, I still felt terrified. I haven’t felt so alone in a crowded room because of a movie… EVER! If you enjoy being scared half to death, this is the movie for you my friends. It’s not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind. And also, please take it with a grain of salt…IT IS A MOVIE.


So to continue our freaky-deeky journey, after seeing Hereditary I found myself on a paranormal binge. Looking for any YouTube videos of people’s scary story-times and crazy conspiracies, I came across Loey Lane. I have followed her in the past because I love how body positive she is but never got into her paranormal stories…that is until Dear David. If you haven’t heard this viral twitter story…you neeeeed to watch her playlist on Dear David. She tells it so well and it was a nice piece to listen to after such a scary movie…I just kept riding that adrenaline rush! She also talks a lot about her own personal paranormal experiences and at first I didn’t think much of it. There are so many people out there just trying to get views by telling scary stories I thought she was just another one. So I only had one person I trusted before branching out, Harmony Nice. But as I listened to Loey’s stories I got more and more involved. I have since listened to a few other people that I feel are reputable like Hailey Reese and Morgan Adams. But back to Loey, she is like the queen of scary stories, her own and others alike. She tells her own stories as well as talks about others experiences. But my favorite by far is the Dear David series! Even if you don’t end up following any other story of hers, at least listen to that one!

for those of you who stuck around to see how much my chicks cost me… they were only $2.00!! That’s a 96% discount! (yes I did the math on that!)

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