Wedding Updates

Hello there everyone! I hope you all are (not) enjoying your summer!

I thought I’d pop on and tell you a little about how my wedding planning is going.

The Date

Still no date. I know that is one of the first questions everyone asks when they find out you’re engaged or have known you’ve been engaged but just want to be filled in with the details as they unravel.

I am telling you the same as I tell everyone, we have a Month and a Year. October 2019. Now this is one thing no one talks about… deciding a date or choosing a venue. Now if you are having a small wedding in a backyard or even eloping, picking a date is super easy. However if you are going with a big venue and want your wedding during the height of wedding season, you gotta work around the venues schedule.

The Venue

And on that note, because we have yet to find a venue, we don’t have a date. The two go hand in hand. There are a few places I want to look at but closer to the time of year the wedding will be. So since my wedding will be in October, I plan to visit the wedding venues around late September of this year.

The style I am going for is woodsy and outdoors and whimsical. I think most people consider that “rustic” but I don’t want cowboy boots and animal skulls everywhere. I love the outdoors and the woods and nature and that’s my theme.

The Dress

This is definitely a strange one for me. I had this clear idea of what my dress would look like and I had pinterest boards up the wazoo of ideas and inspiration. I figured I wouldn’t find my dress for many many months and many many dress shops. So I planned 3 bridal gown appointments. Literally after the 2nd dress at the first appointment I had my “bride” moment. It was close to what I envisioned but still completely surprised me.

This dress has things I thought I knew I didn’t want on my wedding dress…but like my mom said when she got married, sometimes the ugliest dress will surprise you. Not saying her or my dress is ugly, it’s just not what we originally envisioned. But it is beautiful and whimsical and my mom, future sister-in-law, and best friend were all in tears and we knew it was the one.

The Engagement

Now we have this one pretty well planned. We have the venue (Ryan’s parents’ house), we have a date (October 6 2018) and we know what we want for food and who we are inviting. I also designed the invites and got some sent out. So I feel pretty on top with the engagement party. It’s not some extravagant thing but I do need to borrow some tables and chairs lol.

So there is an update for ya’ll! Thank you for understanding why I haven’t been very active on…oh yeah! I changed the name of my site! Goodbye, hello! I think people will take me a little more seriously now.

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