July Favorites


I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned that Costco is one of my favorite places to shop for literally everything! I get my food there, I get some of my clothes from there, and a lot of other miscellaneous things.

And to my surprise, Costco is stepping into the world of natural and cruelty free! Not only have they changed their food menu and adding 2 more vegan options, they are also carrying some cruelty free and vegan food and personal care items!

By chance, Ryan and I went to Costco on a weekend (we usually save our Costco trips for the week-days) and they had a bunch of samples like they always do. But one thing caught my fancy, a plant based vegan burger! I can’t remember the brand but this burger was SO DAMN GOOD! And I thoroughly read through the ingredients and it was actually vegan! (I later saw on the front it said vegan) Most “veggie” burgers still use milk or egg as a binder and I was skeptical at first but sure enough, it was vegan approved!

They have also added 3 piece Alba Botanica sunscreen pack, as well as Avalon Organics Conditioner! I haven’t tried the conditioner yet but the sunscreen is the best! It smells like coconut and I love it! Costco also carries a cruelty free and natural brand of deodorant! Now I was reeeaaally skeptical at first about this. I bought it for Ryan to use because he is trying to switch over to CF/V/N products and I thought I’d try it too since it was a 3 pack for $13.99 (what a frick-frackin steal!) Unfortunately for Ryan, it gave him a nasty rash… But as for me, I love it! I don’t feel stinky or smelly and even though I’m a little bit sweatier, that’s ok! I don’t really move around a whole lot in the summer and at my work anyway (well enough to break a sweat)

Another thing that has been really helpful at Costco is my wedding planning! Well the engagement party to be exact. I have gone so many times to the photo center to pick up invites and misc. engagement photos that I think it would be rude to not invite the employees to the party!

So thanks Costco for being the best! #notsponsored!

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