Cruelty Free Makeup Picks: All about that base UPDATE

After a few more weeks of searching for a foundation that I like, I have come across a hella cheap foundation that is just as good, if not better than CoverFX drops.

I’m sure you remember the trouble I had trying to find an affordable foundation that looks great on my skin both consistency and color wise. I was having a pretty hard time with both, so I ended up settling for CoverFX cover drops. But after a little more digging and experimenting I have found a cheaper option!

Milani Cosmetics Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation! Coming in at about $8 at my local Target, this formula is to FREAKING DIE FOR! It definitely stays on my face and doesn’t slide (like born this way did) and is a 98% perfect color match. I actually had to by 2 colors to get my perfect shade which of course changes throughout the year.

Creamy Vanilla*: light with warm undertones and

Natural*: light with warm yellow undertone (basically a shade darker)

Now these are still a little peachy but not enough to really notice, I’m just a perfectionist. If you want a REALLY yellow tone “drugstore” brand foundation, check out Haleys! (Which was the other brand that was up against Milani, but obviously you can tell which one won)

I really do like this foundation and it sooo much cheaper than coverFX and it’s (to my surprise) cruelty free! I wasn’t sure if they were truly cruelty-free or just “claiming” to be but I did some digging on Logical Harmony’s website and sure enough Milani is CF! (not yet vegan though)

Since purchasing the Milani foundation, I haven’t use the cover drops but I have an idea, I have yet to try mixing these… Since cover drops are more yellow, maybe that will help my color matching problem if I mix a few drops into my Milani foundation… More on that theory when I try it!

*links are not affiliated in anyway

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