Stopping my Fast Fashion addiction…

I want to come clean and say that I, like many others, have an addiction to fast fashion shopping. I have since deleted most of my blog posts supporting fast fashion and fast fashion companies. I will cease to work with any more of these “fast fashion” brands as well. I want to go back to what I enjoyed showing you all and that was how to look fashionable with what you have. I stand by living a frugal lifestyle but I don’t want to promote these “cheap” companies that not only exploit their employees, but create so much waste in the world that we are basically drowning in a sea of clothing.

I admit I still own a lot of clothes but I have really gone through my closet and kept what I wear all the time in my personal life, work life and active life. I try really hard to sell my clothes on Poshmark at reasonable prices for those of you who truly admire an article of clothing more than I ever would. And if there is no luck with that, I try to give them away to my family and friends. And at the very least I will finally donate them.

Please understand that I am not perfect and no one is but I am learning and doing my best for not only myself but this planet. I do plan on creating more looks for you all, but showcasing my thrifted things (which is about 70% of my closet) and items that are made fairly and responsibly.

I love you all and please watch The True Cost on Netflix and Sarah Hawkinson’s video on the impact of Fast Fashion for more resources.

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