Hiking the Bridge to Nowhere

I am not sure if many of you know this but I really love nature and outdoors and being surrounded by gorgeous views. It sounds contradicting against my hatred of the sun and heat…but I really do love nature and the forest…just during the cooler months or if there is a lot of shade.

I have been heavily expressing this to my family and friends and especially Ryan because I have since fell out of love of going to the river and sweating my ass off, just sitting mind you! I am trading in my flippy-floppies for hiking boots and taking to nature. I have been making an effort to go on hikes, see the outdoors more and really enjoy the world around me. I mean, I have lived in SoCal for so long and have rarely seen any type of “forest.”

So my mom invited me on a hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, well I kind of crashed it along with another friend of my mom’s. It was only meant to be a 3 person adventure but I tagged along and it was arguably much more fun with more people!

The only other “crazy” hike I have done was getting lost somewhere in Temecula with a bunch of my mom’s friends for 13 miles and about 10 hours! It was SO MUCH FUN! We weren’t exactly los, we just thought “this looks like a faster way to get back to the car” but boy did we take the scenic route! Even though we were low on water and food, it made a great story to tell over brunch the next day!

So knowing I could totally bust out this 10 mile hike with no “training” I jumped at the chance to go. And was I in for a sweet surprise! I am so used to hiking the Claremont Loop (as we locals call it) and it’s so boring and feels almost like a chore. Nothing to see, highly trafficked, and just plain blah. But the Bridge to Nowhere is what I think of when I say I want to go hiking. Walking through streams, climbing rock ledges, running into gold panners, and swimming in refreshing rivers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hike and even though my ankles are saying otherwise, I’m looking forward to my next hiking adventure. I plan to invest in some solid hiking boots and a camel backpack because boy did I learn a lot on this hike. I would also love to camp here one night to “dip my toes in the water” of camping. It’s a popular hike so Ryan and I wouldn’t be completely on our own if something happens or we just want some company other than ourselves. I think this would be a great start to my camping adventures.

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