How Alternative Fashion Can Work For Everyone

Alternative fashion is unique in that it doesn’t fit into a singular genre of similar clothing that a certain group of people can relate to. In fact, it’s not really a genre of clothing at all (despite what the label may suggest).

What makes this style stand out is that, instead of portraying a certain sense of fashion as a group, this type of style portrays a sense of fashion as an individual. In other words, alternative fashion can work for everyone; all you need your own personal take on the genre.


One thing is certain, fashion is equivocally equal to change. The world of fashion is an ever evolving beast, with ideas and influence stemming from books, music, videos, television, mainstream media and culture.

Fashion, in its purest sense is an expression and a revealing of one’s self. And as such, can make a statement about who you are, what you represent and even (to an extent) your general interests and passions in life.

But fashion doesn’t have to define you. Rather you define fashion. You and your personality and aura are what brings the items you wear to life. As such, alternative fashion ranging from “gothic” to “punk rock” or any sub-genre in-between don’t have to be boxed into any one “type” of person or persona, and these styles can be well-worn (proudly and confidently) by anyone.

Too often we get caught up in the “they dress that way so they must be emo” or “goth” or “into hard rock” or any other “label” you can think of. But that simply isn’t the case, and the saying you “can’t judge a book by its cover” hold ever so true in today’s fashion forward expressive generation.

There is no reason why a reserved businessman can’t also enjoy alternative fashion outside the workplace, or a punk rock skater putting on a 3-piece suit to go out at night.

Alterative fashion represents freedom. The freedom to be who you are, who you want to be and to express those thoughts, emotions and inner self when and where you please.


But, not in the negative connotation that a rebel is primarily viewed as. Alternative fashion is rebellious because it is a style that reflects who you are an individual, and not how you fit in with a similar group.

Putting your personal twist to a style of fashion that would otherwise be categorized not only implies that alternative is for everyone, but also that everyone is or can be alternative; your personal taste cannot be sold in stores, and that is what makes alternative fashion so rebellious. It’s not just for everyone, it is everyone.


Since alternative fashion doesn’t actually fit into a specific genre, there are tons of ways to be thrown into that rebellious, alternative label.


Alternative fashion is never just one thing and it also doesn’t have to be just one subculture; although non-mainstream fashion can still be considered alternative, it doesn’t have to be.

Therefore, you don’t have to be seen as having a strict “gothic” or “punk rock” sense of style, and you don’t have to represent the common visual of a “hippie.” Alternative fashion can be for anyone because it allows you to mix these labels up and, in a sense, create your own subculture by simply combining different styles. The Black Ravens is the perfect source to start your mix and match fashion journey!


Alternative fashion is anything but mainstream, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop at mainstream stores. Alternative fashion allows you to get creative however you choose to do so and, again, your style cannot be bought because you altered it yourself!

For example, instead of wearing a trendy pair of ripped jeans as is, patch up the holes with a few of your favorite colors. Throw on a colored shirt and voilà! You are now wearing an expression of your own unique, alternative style!


Alternative fashion is a culture of attitude that is exclusive to the person wearing it and, because those sub-genres of fashion also happen to fall into a variety of clothing that cannot be determined in a concrete way.

Alternative fashion can be for anyone and everyone who chooses their expression of individuality over an overused, mainstream sense of fashion. All you need is a little creativity and a little bit of bravery to separate you into that alternative sense of style!

Article Written Exclusively for by Sophie Garrod

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