August Favorites

Excuse the hiker heavy favorites this month but I’m falling in love with hiking and nature and the outdoors so I don’t fell bad at all! I hope you enjoy!

Ozark Trail 23L Riverdale Hydration Backpack

So after a 10 mile hike with a vans jansport style backpack, carrying 3 smart water bottles and extra shoes…you can say I was hating life and my back hated me. After that hike, and many many hiking video later, I thought if I plan on hiking more often I should start investing in some proper hiking gear. First purchase I made was a hydration backpack. My mom and her friends brought their simple camelbak style packs which is great for just simple hikes no more than a few miles. But because I plan on taking longer hikes and eventually backpack camping, I knew I needed something a bit more than a camelbak.

I didn’t go full gung ho and get a 60L pack for multiday camping, I went with just a larger hydration pack that could fit a change of clothes, some extra shoes, snacks, a medical kit, and any other odds and ends for a long day hike. Now this could fit a very small cook set but in all reality, I got this pack for no more than 13 mile hikes. I can fit a nice stash of food in it but nothing like a 5 course meal. I really like how it has a lot pockets especially the extra bottle pouches so I can carry up to 4L of water with me either for myself or someone else who doesn’t have a pack or just too lazy to hold their water bottle. Lol.

This also has a “quick stash” front panel which is like a pocket but for large things (small thing would easily fall out) such as in my case my Tevas (if I want to take off my boots for a little or go into the water without being barefoot) or even a place to keep trash. I like to take a plastic bag with me on hikes and pick up trash throughout my hike and stuff the bag in the “quick stash” part so it’s not touching my personal items on the inside of my pack.

There are some cons to this pack, like no waist pockets (well it does but small enough to just barely fit a chapstick,) The clip to keep the hydration tube in place hit at a weird place, that my arm keeps bumping into but it is removable. And the first Ozark Riverdale bag I bought I had to return because the bladder had a leak.

But otherwise I am ready to take this pack on more hikes! I’ll be sure to write a post on what I bring in my pack on a moderate day hike!

Salomon Hiking Boots

Now officially the most expensive shoes I own, coming in at $175 (on sale btw) I splurged and bought myself a pair of arguably the best pair of hiking boots ever! I got some help with these because Ryan did most of his own research when he bought his pair of Salomon’s about a year ago. Now that I caught the hiking bug, and tired of having wet feet after any wet hike I went ahead and bought a pair! Mine were fortunately on sale because they are a discontinued color but I ain’t complaining! The women’s colors are a bit more “feminine” and all I have to say is that some women like JUST black or JUST brown! But whatever. Normal price these run $230 before tax. So about $60/$70 discount is not that bad at all!

These boots are both comfy and stabilizing. But the key is, go to an REI or outdoors outlet and get sized! The employees at REI really know their stuff! I got properly sized and was even taught the proper way of tying up my shoes, which is probably the best piece of advice! You can have the best shoes ever but if you don’t tie them properly, you’re in for a terrible time.

Crème face paint

Now let’s move on to some beauty stuff. You were probably thinking I was going to talk about a high end Sephora bought crème makeup…nope. Straight face paint. I have been taking up a few makeup gigs for my friends in aerial that do not know or want to do their own makeup. And since I usually go all out for my makeup, I have been recruited for other aerialists. I had a gig for my teacher and she wanted bright colors and I thought it was about time I got some really pigmented colors that are more than a tiny little eye shadow.

So I had my mom “prime” me a crème face paint palette for the gig. (I use her amazon prime because I’m cheap and don’t have my own subscription) The colors are super pigmented and easy to work with. Perfect for loud stage makeup! I pair the crème paint with my 35b Morphe palette to set the crème and it went over so well! Definitely worth the $20! Especially now that I have more gigs coming up!

Homemade Wanderlust & Darwin onthetrail

Thanks to these two amazing YouTubers I have gained the courage to take on the trails more confidently. Homemade Wanderlust is a female hiker/backpacker that sets the record straight about why you SHOULD go hiking as a solo female. She is like having a cool fun aunt that knows the way of the trails even though she hasn’t been doing it very long. Very down to earth and learning as she goes, she talks about her experiences on the PCT, AT, and now the CDT trail.

Darwin onthetrail is a more seasoned hiker that is like a wise owl, showing you proper trail etiquette and a no bullshit tip guide on what you should or shouldn’t waste your time on. He reviews gear and products related to hiking and backpacking as well as share his experiences living as a full-time backpacker.

Both of these YouTubers are great resources when looking for tips on how to start your hiking journey or even just to watch them experience nature from the comfort of your bed inside your house, far away from nature as possible…lol. But if you’re like me and enjoy listening to down to earth people talk about what they love, you’ll love these two!

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