Quality Vs. Quantity

As mentioned before, I fell victim to the fast-fashion world and would simply buy things because they were fashionable and trendy right now. However, the garment wouldn’t out last the season or the garment is 4 trends behind. I also educated myself and watched videos on how buying so much can affect the world ethically, environmentally, and economically. Now I know I said I would try to buy less or make smarter choices when it came to shopping, but I felt like it was time to invest in some good shoes and sell or donate my old worn down shoes.

The Shoes

The first pair of shoes are hiking boots, which are not to be worn every single day (unless I decide to hike the PCT, but it’s unlikely) These are one of the best hiking boots out there that will last me years. They are extremely durable and high quality and I plan on taking very good care of these in order to get my monies worth.

The next pair of shoes I got are by Y.R.U. and I have wanted these boots for about a year now. They are the Aura boot purchased from Dollskill. Now the difference between this shoe and the beforehand mention is that these are not as durable or high quality. They are a very nice boot and well-made but probably won’t last too long if not properly taken care of… gosh I sound like a sneakerhead. Now I want to mention these because with my decision to make better buying choices, this purchase was made solely out of want. But the difference between how I used to buy shoes was that I would just throw them about or let them get ruined. I plan on taking care of these guys for as long as I have them because I absolutely LOVE these boots and want them to last a long time.

Sharing is caring

Sometimes buying “fast fashion” is ok if you really love the item and take care of it. I believe it’s the intent behind the purchase that I feel ok with when I made this purchase…but I also don’t see these boots at “fast fashion.” If anything I see these as “slow fashion.” With proper care, it’s a versatile boot that I can wear with many different looks and really enjoy wearing.

With that said, I took a look at all the other black boots I own and downsized. I have listed all my black boots on Poshmark for fair prices in hopes someone will enjoy them as much as I did but for a fraction of the original cost. I usually wait a couple months before I decide that someone I know in person would love them and then try to give them away second hand. From then I’ll try to hit up a consignment store not so much to try and get money but I know employees only pick the best in order for the pieces to get sold to customers that also really want an item. My utmost last resort will be to donate the clothes.

The last 2 shoes are a pair of platform oxfords and pointed toe flats. I wear these kinds of shoes almost every day for work because they are functional, comfortable, and timeless. But rather than hitting up the tiny shoe store at the mall or Forever 21, I decided to invest a little more money and go to Nordstrom. And just like the Aura boots, I plan on taking care of them in order to get the most out of them. Meaning, leaving them INSIDE their box when I’m not wearing them as well as leaving them stuffed to keep their shape…oh god I really do sound like a sneaker head!

Downsizing but not downgrading

So as I get rid of my duplicate pairs of cheap shoes, I am letting in 1 pair of good shoes that I plan on keeping in good condition. I still have other kinds of shoes that I wear on special occasions or on the weekends, but for 5 days out of the week for 9 hours a day, I think everyone should be investing in good shoes. Take it from Ryan who has been wearing the same 1 pair of loafers for almost 2 years! Now THAT’S a good pair of shoes!

So not only will these new shoes be a mush needed upgrade, they will last me a while. With diligent care and maintenance, anyone can afford a nice pair of shoes. My tips:

    • Take the time to take care of them
    • Take your shoes off by unlacing them rather than using one shoe to take off the other
    • DON’T kick them off and let your cats eat them!
    • Put them away in the box they came in or designate an area that no animals can get to
    • Stuff them with newspaper or the paper they came with so they keep their shape
    • Wipe them with a damp towel (if not canvas) if dirty
    • Or even stay away from “dirty” places while wearing them
    • Take them to a shoe specialist if they need some extra special care and cleaning
    • ALWAYS WEAR SOCKS! (unless heels…this is just a weird ocd odor thing for me)

p.s. I forgot to mention I also bought a pair of slide on sandals from Poshmark to replace all my old summer sandals.

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