A Week of Thrifted Outfits

I recently published a video on the YouTubes and it feels good to be back and blogging and vlogging.In that video I showed my week in thrifted outfits. The past 2 months have been great thrifting months for me. Lot’s of great finds and I was feeling like I needed to treat myself by dressing up the whole week. Well I use the term “dress-up” loosely since I still have to look professional for work.

Here are two outfits I wore that were definitely more “dressed up” in that week

So this first outfit was mostly not thrifted but I still liked how it looked because without the dress… I would have been slightly indecent. This skater wrap dress I found at my local consignment store Deelux, but it is originally topshop. The purse was a Goodwill find and as much as I love thrift shopping… goodwill… you getting expensive for my frugal taste.

This next look was a trip to Disneyland thanks to Ryan’s mom’s friends that got us in. It poured that day but was able to enjoy the day in between the cats and dogs… weather humor. The sweater and Levi jeans were both finds from veterans thrift store, but now taken over by Eco-thrift. And the boots are Goodwill. The boots actually still ad the OG tag on it and it was from DD’s discounts and was going for $19.99… so not much of a real  bargain but hey half off, I’ll take it!

To see my whole week, head over to my YouTube channel!

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