Witch Way?

Why hello ya’ll!

It’s been a WHILE! I’ve missed you guys and I’m ready to start posting again! I am definitely going to be posting less regularly than I was several months ago because life is taking me in some new directions and requires more of my attention. But I won’t forget about you! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my strictly photo posts.

I want to take the time now to talk about my craft. Witchcraft! It has been almost a year since starting my dive into witchcraft and I feel like I am nowhere near a master but I do have knowledge to share.

So like most new baby witches, you’ll feel SO overwhelmed with how much there is to learn in this craft. Or even distinguishing witchcraft from Wicca. (hint: Wicca is the religion and witchcraft is a practice) I know I was. I wanted to dip my hands into everything all at once because I felt that that was the only way to be a proper witch. Well that is just not the case. You can simply be a witch and that’s that.

Are you a Witch?

Do you feel connected to the earth? Witch. Do you love being outdoors and appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature? Witch. Did you ever stare up at the stars in awe of their vastness? Witch. Did you always feel that there is in fact magic all around us? Witch.

Now that we know you are a witch, let’s get into witchcraft. There are several different “paths” a witch can take. My personal favorite Kitchen witchery and green witchery. But there are eclectic witches, astrology witches, crystal witches, druids, elemental witches, hedge witches, secular witches… and so on. The beauty of this craft is that you can do whatever your heart resonates with; if it harm none, do as you will.

Personally I am a bit of this and that, I do not believe in deities (secular) I work with herbs (green) and crystals (crystal) I read tarot (divination) I love cooking and implementing my practice into food (kitchen) I partake in moon ceremonies and rituals (lunar/ceremonial) I can also throw in there animist witch, Augury witch, law-of-attraction, music witch….. Ok basically you can call me an eclectic witch. I dabble in almost everything about witchcraft. But simply put I just call myself a witch.

How to decide

So with all that said, let’s just figure out what you like the most. Do you feel drawn to plants and herbs? Do you love the artwork in tarot? Do you feel a presence around you that protects you?

There is nothing wrong with loving multiple things at once but start small and grow your craft because that’s what makes it YOUR craft. You connecting with the world and universe around you by means of tools. There is no point in investing in items you end up not using. I thought I wanted pendulum for divination reading but that desire came and went. I also thought I’d get into tea leaf reading because I LOVE tea…well turns out I don’t like it too much. I just put intention into my morning and evening cup and boom witchcraft!

Put intention into everything you do. Make the mundane magickal! Take time to breathe into a moment or put your focus and love on something that you do and it becomes magickal. Words are powerful, Thoughts are powerful. Even if you start with nothing, use your words, thoughts, intentions to create the best life for you and the world around you and then you are on your way to starting your path.

One thought on “Witch Way?

  1. How come deities are (secular)? I’m not sure I understand. Also, just gently pointing out that despite it being a tenet of Wicca, not all witches follow the rede (an harm ye none, bla bla bla), because not all witches are wiccan. I know this can be confusing, but many witches will argue against tenets of wicca and are fiercely anti-wiccan in their practice! Just saying 🙂 I wish you the best on your journey!


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