Tools of the Trade

Another post…look at her go! So my last post was a very general thought and discussion about what kind of paths there are to take while being a witch. I also mention you do not need to limit yourself to just one type of witchcraft either. But for the sake of learning I am going to take the time to write about what I use for my practice whether they are specifically for spell casting or everyday items/chores that I make magickal.

The Kitchen

So let me start from the beginning. I. DID. NOT. KNOW. HOW. TO. COOK. I just recently learned a few years ago when I began to chance my lifestyle to plant-based living. I couldn’t cook worth a damn. All I knew how to make were eggs, microwave vegetables, ramen, and cereal. When I moved out into my own apartment, I used my crock-pot exclusively. Never did I experiment, never did I try new foods, I either ate raw fruits and veggies, or made soup and chili in a crock-pot. So if I can learn to cook you can too!

But more recently, becoming vegan has really challenged me to be more adventurous with my meals and cooking for myself because we all know when you first go vegan…you usually don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. My recipes were very bland and boring but I kept at it. I learned what spices I like, I learned what mixes well for different consistencies, I even learned the simple act of freezing tofu changes the whole damn game! I was learning how to cook and putting intention into every meal I made because not only did I want it to taste good, I wanted to accomplish something I made with my bare hands. I got so good that I made up recipes on the fly that were copycats of non-vegan meals.

So how does this compare to witchcraft? Well what if this were a movie and instead of cooking, I was casting a spell or making a potion. See where I am getting at? I can put intention into my cooking not just to taste good but to make me feel better, or calm me down, or to get excited. (usually just to make me happy because I love food) I always get excited when a recipe works because I feel like not only did I accomplish something, I am washed over with gratitude for the Earth for giving me all I need just from things that grow in the ground. I feel so much more connected to nature because I can thrive off of these plants and they nourish me.

So when I take the time to try a new recipe, I try to treat it as lesson. I know what herbs and spices taste good but how can I put them together to make something beautiful. I really put all my intention into it. I find that when I don’t do this and if I’m distracted, the recipes suck. Same can be said with spells and potions, if the intent isn’t there, the spell/potion won’t work or even backfire!

Hope all you cooks out there looking into witchcraft can find this helpful! You probably had no idea you were even practicing did you? Well,  blessed be! Till next time!

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