Poshmark Shoe Haul!

Depop and Poshmark have been my go-to thrifting apps for items I couldn’t’ normally find at my local Goodwill. Sometimes thrifting in your own neighborhood just isn’t enough! And sometimes you just have to let someone else do the hard work so you’re just left with the easy task of walking to your mailbox 🙂

If you are interested in shopping my closest, find me on poshmark @nickitea!

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26line by MLNK

Great things come to those who are patient. And some incredible things have come to me and Nickitea.com. A beautiful woman by the name of Maria Lopez contacted me about her new fashion line and I was thrilled to accept her offer.

LA based designer, Maria D. Lopez, has infused her new spring collection with her years of ready to wear and couture expertise:

26line is a young and polished collection of beautifully handmade pieces. The highest of USA craftsmanship and simplicity of design, makes this line, timeless, yet modern…Experimentation of vintage with minimalism, hues, demure and bold, and silhouettes, with ease and structure, display her commitment to the past and present. Maria is establishing a new breed of fashion for women,  which will transcend for seasons to come

This sweet crop trench coat was sent to me by Maria Lopez and what a treat it was! The material is so soft and the item is incredibly made, I was nothing less of blown away. And the real kicker, as soon as I opened the package, it smelled like potpourri! It was like opening a world of delicate floral scents and magic!

You can find this beautiful piece over at www.26line.com

I adore anyone who has a  thirst for fashion and Maria’s line is beautiful beyond anything I have seen so far. Her garments are excellently crafted in the USA. The details and silhouettes of each piece are so flattering and eye catching, I can’t seem to stop admiring my model!

26line is well balanced with sultry dressy and casual chic. Each seasonal line has a mix of little bit of everything for any occasion, whether it be a wedding or just a night out with friends.

I’m usually the one in front of the camera but this time, my beautiful “sister-in-law” slash model was kind enough to help me with this shoot. I got to really take a crack at photographing and directing. It was a real blast!

Items gifted from 26line by MLNK, all opinions and reviews are my own.