More Aerial Adventures!

I haven’t died I promise! I have been super busy again thess past few weeks with work functions and family matters. But more importantly I have been stepping up my aerial game!

I have invested in private training with my favorite teacher, Nichoel! I have had 2 privates so far and I feel like I have learned so much more than a normal class has to offer. I still take conditioning circus classes (at the request of my teacher) to continue building strength. But I do enjoy the one-on-one lessons more.

Here are some snipets of my last private. Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for tagging along and snapping pictures!







What is Healthy?


“Wow you eat so healthy!” “I wish I could be as disciplined as you.” “You are always eating that healthy food, huh?” These are just a few of the comments I get from co-workers and friends. I get it, not everyone eats healthy or they feel the need to compare their eating habits to others…maybe for some validation.

But here’s the thing, I don’t force myself to eat healthy. I eat healthy because it tastes good! I hate when people say that “I couldn’t eat like that, I need more flavor, and that stuff is just so bland.” WHAT!? Ok maybe if you’re just started to convert your unhealthy diet to a healthy lifestyle. Yes house salads are boring and a cup of ranch is the only way to make it better. But there are so many other healthy foods and food alternatives that are delicious and flavorful!

I was lucky enough to have a mom that raised me to eat lots of fruits and veggies. I wasn’t eating a lot of fast food or dino-nuggets. I was eating a very colorful, varying diet and that had a huge positive impact on my adult life. I actually crave fruits and veggies! Ryan and I are definitely in a sticky situation when it comes to healthy eating with our families being less than vegans… Meat on top of meat on top of potatoes on top of pasta. So we try to cook for ourselves as much as we can, especially since I am pescatarian.

Sometimes I even hoard fruits and veggies from my grocery trips at work so no one else can eat them. I can go through a package of strawberries, blueberries and celery in like 2 days. In combination with how much exercise on a daily basis, eating healthy just comes naturally.

Now I am definitely no saint…by ANY means! I love cheese pizza, and nachos, and carbs! And that’s the thing that everyone forgets, you can eat anything in moderation! You CAN have 3 slices of pizza…but not every day. I basically reserve my “cheat food” for days that I’m going to be working out really hard, or when my period starts….or even just because. Now I don’t hoard my cheat meals or anything. I don’t restrict myself from anything. It’s only when you start listening to your body and feeling what it needs, is when you can decide if you should eat that pizza, or 3 helpings of cookie butter. And for me if I have a high calorie intake day, I get that junk food out of my system; I’m satisfied for another few days, maybe even weeks.

I don’t dedicate an entire day to eating shit food. I eat healthy 85% of the time, sometimes even 99%. But when I want a cookie, I’m not going to talk myself down. I’m not going to think I’m fat if I eat it…or 4… I’m going to eat it because my body is telling me, you deserve that cookie! It’s not going to hurt you.


Food is meant to nourish your body. It’s the fuel to keep all your organs and cells working. I think if everyone listened to their bodies and got a good amount of exercise, more people would be happy with themselves.

I also think a part of what helps me is yoga. Every day. Yoga really lets you get in touch with your body, not only when you’re practicing, but when you’re living your day-to-day life. In addition to that, just incorporate more activity into your day. I walk 30-45 minutes on my lunch break every day, I get up every half hour and stretch or walk around the office, I also switch around my gym workouts between 30 minute cardio sessions and 40 minute weightlifting sessions. On the weekends, I’m able to do morning and nighttime yoga and go hiking. So as you can see I do stay as active as I can. I’m no cardio bunny or anything. I just know that being active is GOOD for my body. It shouldn’t be a chore or a burden to get up and moving. You should WANT to move around, or go on a little walk, or even stretch out those kinks.

Don’t be afraid to change for the better. Our bodies are all we have. So we should take care of them, but not deprive them.