Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2016: trampoline park, coffee date, pizza dinner, walking dead. Perfect Valentine’s Day ever! I love my bae!




December Favorites


Another monthly favorites! The last one of 2015 actually! This year has been amazing and ecpecially this last month. I got a lot of nice presents this year and I’m so grateful for them. I’m even more grateful that I HAVE my family. But presents are nice too.

  1. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser – my mom actually bought this and I stayed at her house one night and forgot my face wash. I decided to use hers and it was awesome! I have oily skin so this (against popular belief) doesn’t dry out my skin. It keeps the oils in so my face doesn’t produce more oil when it’s dried out like other face washes. It also washes off my makeup amazingly! Depending on how glam my makeup is it’ll take a few pumps and washes but it always gets my makeup off without the harsh rubbing makeup towelettes.
  2. Becca Champagne Glow – Christmas present! My mom definitely surprised me with this beauty I could not get ready fast enough to try this highlighter. I am an avid viewer of all things Jaclyn Hill, and other MUA’s. I never thought to buy a high end makeup product because, lets face it…I’m cheap. Most of my makeup is drugstore. But this totally made my day! I actually use all 3 of the shades when I’m full glammed up! the darkest near my contour, champagne pop on majority of high points, and pearl on the very tip of cheek bones and nose to make them extra strobbed!
  3. House of Lashes Iconic – VA VA VOOM! Love these lashes! Another present from my mommy. Ever since she bought them at the beginning of the year, Ive wanted some ever since. But just too lazy and cheap. There only $12, but I was determined to find a cheaper pair that look as nice…boy was I wrong! I’ll definitely be buying some other styles such as Pixie Luxe and Noir Fairy.
  4. Marc Jacobs Decadence – Can I tell you how long it took me and Ryan to figure out which perfume to get me for Christmas? I’ve never owned a $120 bottle of perfume so it was a tedious game of “which Sephora sample should I wear today” Thankfully the sales associate let us have 4 samples to let me try and see which one I can stand smelling like for about 2 years lol. This was an amazing present! The bottle can be used as a weapon…just saying! Thanks to my amazing boyfriend for this present!
  5. Harbinger weightlighting belt – Thank you grandma! I feel bad now that I  (the oldest granddaughter) is all grown up and doesn’t play with toys (unless its harry potter) or wear certain clothes… So she asked me to pick out something I wanted and she’ll get it. I have been really serious about the gym and I have been dying to hit new squat PR’s, so I asked for a soft Velcro weightlifting belt! This baby is awesome! Really helps with that HEAVY weight! (this isn’t used as a everyday accessory, it should only be used on really heavy lifts that are 1-3 rep max!) Thanks grandma for getting me exactly what I wanted 😉
  6. Silk Elements hand cream – And lastly, Socal is getting hit with cold spells and it’s taking its toll on my poor hands. This is the best underrated hand cream out there. Cruelty free, vegan and just plain awesome! Ryan got me into this hand cream, its really thick and creamy put once my hands have soaked up the lotion; my hands aren’t greasy at all, only moisturized.