Thrift Shop Thursday: Creepers!

Boy oh boy! Did I come up on a thrift find! Like I said before, not every time you thrift you’ll get lucky. I was actually out in Costa Mesa when I found these! I have been wanting a pair of creepers for so long, and when I was ready to buy the low viva suede creepers…they ran out of stock. Such a bummer right!? Well I called and they’ll be restocking soon in April. So even though I found these, I still plan on getting a new pair!

So I used a lot of inspo from my pin board to help me style these. I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of what I wore, but I put together this flat-lay for you so you know what it looked like. We had just got back from Costa Mesa, and I still needed to run errands. I threw off my #OOTD and slipped into something WAY more comfy. I will forever be a jeans and t-shirt girl! The creepers just pulls the outfit together in a punk/alternative way. Ryan absolutely loves them on me. Says they bring out my inner punk style. They are very subtle and not like wearing combat boots…which I’ve owned once upon a time.

So on the left side, I have my Look Human “Pluto” shirt (I recommend buying the heathered tee style shirt, really soft and more form fitting than the regular tee) and some light wash skinnies I got from Kohl’s. It was slightly cold, so I threw on a slouchy cardigan I got from Goodwill as well as my glasses. (My eyes were hurting by the end of the day!) Very simple, comfy yet ever-so-slightly punk. Love!

Now on the left is something I’ve envisioned. I have all the pieces (except the cool cat bag) and I think this mix ill give off a punk Londoner look. Black high waist jeans and a loose fitting top, toped with a bowler hat and denim jacket…Put together, but can still kick some ass!There are a bunch of other ways I plan to wear these creepers. I’ve seen high waist shorts, floral dresses, and even some #TBT 90’s grunge flannel.

Creepers are very versatile and they come in all sorts of designs, color, heights…you name it! I prefer the low sole, black leather or suede ones. However there WAS a maroon pair at buffalo exchange I almost bought! lol!


Thrift Shop Thursday: High Waist Shorts

Hey there ya’ll! Welcome to my 4th installment of Thrift Shop Thursdays! I hope you all have had a good week! Just one more day and then its the weekend!

Now for this post, I’m going to be talking about these shorts. I’m sure everyone has heard of American Apparel. Now I’m also sure that everyone knows how damn expensive it is! Well I got EXTREMELY lucky during one of my thrifting adventures and came across a pair of these AA high waisted denim shorts. And even luckier, IN MY SIZE! I have a pair that I actually bought full retail price ($65) and then when I found them at DeeLux for only $16…I had to get them! I didn’t even care if I already had a pair!!

So basically the different looks I came up with (two are very similar) I had pinned on my #OOTD board from Pinterest. The first two looks from left to right I went for a more casual, not trying type of look. Skater almost. Total poser I guess, I can’t skate to save my life lol.

Now the third look on the very right was my favorite! I got so many compliments on the ensemble, I took pride in the fact that I re-created my pin board so spot on. I was going for a hipster pixie look. Channeled my inner book worm hipster classy persona. I would definitely wear it again but maybe with a hawaiian shirt.

A simple change of the shirt can turn the skater girl into a cool hipster chick real quick. Add a few accessories and a “too mainstream” attitude and your good to go!

There are a ton more looks I want to try with these shorts but with Southern California wrapping up with Winter…its looking like future outfits will be based around the hot weather…so basically less is better!