Tools of the Trade

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Life over Taste

Is there really a humane way of killing animals?

No healthy animals asks to be killed. They don’t beg for death if they are living a happy life roaming wide green pastures. That is like asking a healthy person if they would be ok dying for the meal of a “more intellectually superior being.”

In my eyes, the only humane circumstance to euthanize an animal is if they are immensely suffering by either an injury (not caused my humans) or a severe decline in health. And this argument could be used against me but before you start, I believe in assisted suicide in humans. But like I said with animals, those individuals are terminally ill. So ask me again…anyone who is a healthy and sane person would be ok with dying for the sake of someone’s meal?

I have tried to explain this to a family member because they feel there is a humane way to kill animals… there isn’t. Killing is killing, especially if its 10-15 years before the cattle’s full life expectancy. Yes cows live to about 20 years, but most are killed within only their first few years of life or even months.
Again that is like looking at a child taking their life away at just 2 years old…because aliens gotta eat too.

I’d like to know WHAT is this magical humane way of killing animals for you to enjoy a 20 minute meal?

A life of pain, misery, and hopelessness.

I recently had a discussion with my coworker about honey. He literally thought I was crazy about being a vegan that doesn’t eat honey because “it’s not made out of bee!” He thought I was absolutely drinking the koolaid. I calmly went to the bathroom and by the time I came back his attitude completely flipped. He did some research and he realized it’s about the way these animals are treated when they are alive that is inhumane. It’s not always about killing.

He apologized profusely and thanked me for teaching him as well as everyone at work a little bit about veganism each day. It is ultimately his choice to go vegan or not, but he is now aware of the conditions these animals are subjected to.

Let’s take another example from the human world. A pedophile can say “Hey I never killed the girl/boy…” but we know there was psychological and physical torture to the child. It is still considered a disgusting act and the man/woman deserve to rot in jail right?

Now back to the helpless animals… they are punched, kicked, raped, thrown around, mutilated and so much more their ENTIRE LIFE and a meat eater can say, “Hey they aren’t killed…” well usually they are. Most if not every time a dairy cow is run dry is killed. When a chicken can no longer lay, it’s killed or left to starve and rot.

Check out peta’s video on “Humane Meat”

Science and stuff

Now another argument my family member brought up is that they only eats grass-fed and humanely treated animals. Fair enough… but do you know how much land it takes to feed a cow? That’s why its soooo much cheaper to buy non-roaming meat. Farmers confine the cows to small areas and forcibly feed them an unnatural diet because it’s cheap!

These grass fed cows are out eating their land they’re left to graze on. So they are usually still fed some kind of supplemental feed because they grass can only grow so fast. So feeding a cow takes up a lot of space and uses a lot of money… not to mention a lot of water! And what about the manure!? Cows produce so much manure that there are fields of it and are deemed “dead zones.” Nearby water is contaminated and is no longer safe. So all the land is basically contaminated. And the air!? Cows are one of the top producers of greenhouse gases messing with our climate… which is another topic for another day.

With all that being said, going vegan can not only save animals from a lifetime of torture and untimely death, but it can save us from hunger.

Veganism is not about joining a cult, it’s about leaving one and becoming enlightened. Earthling Ed is a wonderful advocate for the animals and if you have a spare moment please watch a video of his.

So is taste more important than a life?