Poshmark Shoe Haul!

Depop and Poshmark have been my go-to thrifting apps for items I couldn’t’ normally find at my local Goodwill. Sometimes thrifting in your own neighborhood just isn’t enough! And sometimes you just have to let someone else do the hard work so you’re just left with the easy task of walking to your mailbox 🙂

If you are interested in shopping my closest, find me on poshmark @nickitea!

I’m a bit more active on YouTube now! so head over to my channel for vlogs, hauls, and lookbooks!

What has happened so far!

A lot has happened these past few weeks, and I feel like I should let you know that I’m not just neglecting you guys. But I’m trying to live in the present and experience life without being tied down to obligations. Not saying my followers are cumbersome to my life, but that’s just it. I want to go live my life! I love sharing things with you but being behind a computer, typing all the time…I’m losing my sanity. I need to connect with the world in a way other than through technology. So enough rambling, here is what has happened for those of you curious where I have been!
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