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Other companies I have collaborated with or have been sponsored by:

Zaful & Rosegal (July 2017)

26line by MLNK (July 2017)

Zaful (July 2017)

Zaful (July 2017)

FashionMIA (April 2017)

FashionMIA (March 2017)

ThirdLove (March 2017)

FashionMIA (February 2017)

Zaful (February 2017)

StyleWe (January 2017)

RocksBox (December 2016)

Rose Gal (November 2016)

Rose Gal (November 2016)

Rose Gal (November 2016)

SheIn (November 2016)

StyleWe (November 2016)

StyleWe (November 2016)

mintMONGOOSE (November 2016)

RomWe (October 2016)

SheIn Fashion (October 2016)

RocksBox (August 2016)

RocksBox (June2016)

Gs-Love pt.2 (June 2016)

GS-Love (June 2016)

GS-Love Blog: